Empowering Clients to take back their Life can be a beautiful thing.

Empowering your Life

The client who regains her self worth after years of low self worth and self esteem in an abusive relationship.

The client who changes her thinking after years of negative self thoughts and distorted thinking.

Or the client who regains back aspects of their life after a permanenet disablement…

When I talk about empowerment in life coaching, empowerment in my work with clients, I am talking about clients feeling their own power, their potential on a vibration , energetic and valued sort of way not the egoic power that gets in the way, which is forceful, controlling and rigid.

Empowering clients is about encouraging the flow, encouraging them to feel their powerful potential, feel their energy, their spirit, their soul, even their purpose. Helping them to connect with that loving part of themself into more self worth, self care, self realisation.

Empowerment involves cutting through distorted thinking, denial, illusion, false beliefs and conditioning. Shedding light on someone’s gifts, natural ability and just being.

If you would like support in Empowerment eileen offers online 1-2-1 sessions through skype and workshops in lanarkshire, scotland. She also provides an online spiritual coaching portal with free tools and downloads.

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