Lack of Self Love ?

Lack of Self Love ?

We all go through life feeling we lack “something” at some point in our lives.

In my work and through my personal experiences as a painfully sensitive and shy child, I understood how much confidence & self esteem can halt or fuel a persons growth, development and quality of life. But the last year, has really opened my eyes into realising, how much lack of “self love” and chronic “unworthiness” is probably the real source of all of our problems.

From a young ag,e I have always got a “kick” out of helping others grow their potential, seek their dreams. I used to help my friends write goals, help them with a plan, get them to appreciate and see their natural skills, talents and gifts….and how they could utilise them.

Part of my work over the last 12 years, has involved providing personal development sessions and training, so fortunately I  got the opportunity to use they skills. But I am now excited about taking this a big step up, onto a whole different level, by helping others directly nurture more “self love” and “self worth” into their being, their life, through a much more spiritual and heart based style of coaching,

I will help you attract more respect, more love, appreciation into your life. By helping you identify, who you really are, helping you understand  and identify YOUR potential, your abilities, skills and help you realise how importantly “self love” plays in what we attract into our life. Lack of “self love” can literally destroy us on so many levels, it physically nearly killed me. Self Love creates more Value, Love, Support and Appreciation by Others.

Self Love

Nurturing more Self Love

I will be offering various coaching programmes and workshops over 2014. The 1st Workshop will be Magical YOU-Confidence Building & Self Love Workshop Sun 16th Feb at The Shawlands Park Hotel, this will also be available as an online and home distant programme available at the end of February.


I would love to have you join in the space, on Sun 16th February (Valentines Weekend) a great treat to yourself. Or work with you 1-2-1 which I offer online and by telephone. I really hope 2014 will be filled with as much as it will for me. Thank you for reading this post and if you take just one thing from this post, just even a little bit more of “self love”  I will be delighted.


Eileen, Stress-Coach & Stress Angel Coaching