eilbLUpALEOn January 2nd 2013 a very kind hearted healer, David Rabone, literally appeared at my door, offering a healing session. I didn’t know what to expect, and it was definitely nothing like, what I expected, even though I have worked with energy for over 20 years. But it was very quickly apparent to me that David, had an amazing gift.

As a Reiki Master who has worked with Reiki for over 20 years and who has experienced the work of many great healers and various healing modalities. I quickly realised that this was very, very different, from anything I had ever experienced, this healing seemed to go so so much deeper. To be honest, initially some of David’s ideas were completely new and bit ‘ALIEN’ to me and I didn’t know what to make of a lot of what he was saying and explaining. But my intuition and gut knew this guy was here for a reason and was definitely coming from a place of the heart.

As a Life Coach, Therapist, Teacher and Healer, I found I was constantly upgrading my learning, determined to give my clients the best form of therapy, guidance, techniques I could offer. But through my work with David, he has taught me different ways to view aspects of my experiences and dis-harmony in my life and really helped me integrate my spiritual work with my main stream work, something I previously struggled to do. More importantly he has helped me strip away, what I DONT NEED and to not be afraid of being the AUTHENTIC me. My close friends often describe me as GENUINE but like all of us, I would feel inadequate and in some ways ashamed of my weaknesses, particularly my constant battles with my health. Whilst I should have been loving them, accepting them as signs something wasn’t right. Like most of us, I didn’t really ACCEPT them, like us all, I would RESIST, get FRUSTRATED by my limits and try to work around them or even try and fight through them, which didn’t really work. David has helped me to see a bigger picture in my life and those around me. See how our hardest challenges, can yes be a huge key to our purpose. But that many challenges in our life, are the universe really trying to demonstrate what does or doesn’t fit the real “I”.

As an empath and eldest sibling of a 9, I took on a pattern of taking on other people’s stuff, I would try and “fix everyone and everything”. At 19, I began suffering from a seriously debilitating illness that eventually left me predominately housebound a large part of my early twenties. At 30 still extremely ill, I began a mail order business to give me what I thought a PURPOSE some sort of VALUE.  With sheer determination I managed to turn my dream of a stress management business in a few years. I loved what I did, but l had chronic health and serious business challenges because of my mobility issues and physical limitations. My life was consumed with work, study and treatments for my many conditions, along with many dramas and what everyone around would say was as a lot of bad luck. I was always very motivated, driven and positive in aspects of my business but was not really listening to my body, just constantly working around my health limitations.  I would eat healthy, meditate, do all the positive self-talk and every therapy you could imagine and couldn’t understand why “things were always challenging” and my stamina, energy levels were still very low.

I now realise why…. through David’s teachings I have came to realise that on a very deeper level I didn’t really LOVE or APPRECIATE myself enough. So I was attracting those experiences. And even though I was teaching SELF DEVELOPMENT & EMPOWERING others, I hadn’t really learnt deep SELF CARE first and foremost. And like everyone’s deepest issues, it was deeply rooted in low SELF WORTH. I constantly put others before my self even when I had nothing to give.

I have also come to realise that DENIAL was a big thing, on a deeper level I wanted to DENY my health challenges. Whilst my HEALTH was actually telling me that things, me… wasn’t right …I was constantly compromising myself, pushing myself and this was compromising my health.

So through the LESSONS & A LOT OF HEALING WORK my health continued to IMPROVE more than it had in years. But more importantly I began to feel profoundly different about myself. But I still had some bumps and more lessons along the way. Well that’s just part of the journey of life isn’t it ?

I think the biggest so far, was just a few months ago, after a lot of emotional clearing after one of David’s workshops. I was still finding it difficult not to “fix other peoples stuff” and I attracted a situation I found very emotionally challenging and very draining which took its physical toll very quickly, demonstrating how much taking on emotional stuff affected me physically. And well like most healing, it brought up a lot of stuff from my past that I hadn’t resolved or faced but had suppressed.

Well immediately I started experiencing dental problems, a tooth abscess, a similar situation that had been the start of my health challenges 25 years ago. And after suffering from locked jaw for 3 weeks, I ended up critically ill, in intensive care with sepsis. But whilst in Intensive Care I woke up to a very strange but hard hitting experience. I started to see what I could only describe as flashing images of people I didn’t know. I then began to feel what I can only describe as what appeared like negative energies seeping in all around me and a profound feeling, that if I wanted to survive, I really had to block out what was happening around me.  A man had died near me and I was aware his family were being brought in and told the sad news. It felt like I was drawing in other people’s pain and emotions. But on a very deep level I felt that if I really wanted to survive, I had to really for once in my life, focus all my energy on myself. I used a few of the techniques David had taught me and was really focusing on containing the light around me and grounding myself. But on a very core level it was the hardest struggle I had experienced. Most people who know me describe me as quite determined and strong. But this was a huge wake up call, for once I realised, how much of a challenge it was for me to really think about SELF first. I in a way had been so conditioned into taking on and feeling other’s emotions, that looking after ME first on a deep core level hadn’t  came into the equation, even though I  thought I had already learnt to put myself first,  a big part of managing a seriously debilitating illness. It had been only few months before, that I had to came to the realisation, that I was often more connected to other people’s feelings and emotions particularly THEIR PAIN, than my own. But for me, this situation and many life experiences of constantly suffering, serious health scares, really helped affirm to me how much lack of SELF LOVE, can affect so much of our life, especially the things and situations we attract or don’t attract into our life and how much it had affected me.

Interestingly this situation, forced me to completely stop, and BE STILL  the first time really in 13 years despite enormous health challenges through that period.  With David’s guidance and support, I am now learning to really LISTEN to my body whilst trying not to attach a story to it..( a little bit more challenging lol) and although I am still learning on how not to take on other peoples stuff. Things have actually became more easier, I am now allowing life to happen, not struggling or forcing things to happen, but learning to go with the flow, have goals, dreams but leave room for life to bring opportunities, signposts.

With David’s guidance I believe I have found the missing key to many of the challenges we have in life. Which I am so excited about sharing in my work in 2014. If you are more interested in David’s healing and coaching work, which I urge you to try out, you won’t be disappointed check out his website and Facebook page.

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I hope 2014 will be as MAGICAL as ours will be.

love n light Eileen x

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