Working with Synchronicity in Life Coaching


Over the last few decades Synchronicity, Cosmic Ordering and Law of Attraction has became a household term. Millions of readers hooked on books, cds and downloads that promise the world, selling the idea that you can have everything you want, particularly financial material wealth and abundance. Interestingly those books made their biggest hype in many areas of the world that have actually recently suffered huge economic difficulties. So many readers spend incredible amounts of money only to find themself in even more debt, unhappiness or distress. Often demonstrating that the real financial winners are the writers and publishers not the readers.

But is it that the mass of those readers are actually being sold or missing the most major key.  Law of attraction and cosmic ordering are said to work when we can see, feel, and imagine that goal, most importantly when we are sending out that specific vibe and are totally aligned with that goal this often involves raising our own vibration. Unfortunately many of us go seeking these strategies at times when we are at an all time low, even sometimes in despair. We are at a place of lack instead of gratitude, a place of fear, anxiety and even loss or despair not in a natural place of harmony, openness, positivity and focus. So no matter how much we put out try to focus we actual create or attract our fear, our lack of or loss.

When we want to create more positivity, harmony and good things into our life. We have to look deeper under the surface, we have to work on ourselfs, really work with the spiritual aspects of ourself and the univese. So when we set goals its really important we are sending out what we really want and need, not a fleeting moment of what we may think we fancy. We have all experienced times in our life that what we thought we wanted, was not actually what we wanted our would benefit from.

Life Coaching particularly Spiritual Coaching, meditation, energy work and guided visualisation are all useful tools that help us with align our spirit ,with the universe, helping us tap into the true you, your true gifts, your true purpose.When we do that we align with the universe and open up the flood gates to synchronicity, things happening at the right time, the right moment.

So surely the power of law of attraction is about aligning with strong core values, so you can manifest things that are for a higher purpose, will benefit all involved, not just for you, but for those around you and  for the rest of the world. I have seen both in my personal life and working life,  that when as individuals we focus all our attention on simply attracting money even if we believe for the greater good if we do not align with our core values, spirit or purpose you can actually cause more dis-hramony and lose so much more financially, emotionally and spiritually such as often greater financial loss, relationship and family break , loss of health and often “crisis”.

Life Coaching, particularly more spiritual coaching can really help the client work within their true values, their core, their being even their divine to help them find a life that fits them. This opens up the flow of synchronicity, helping us towards a journey of fulfiment and purpose, as we find our true self. We begin to work for the greater good, we get what we need and so much more, we manifest all sorts of abundance, particularly that of happiness, peace and contentment. When we are in this state of well being financial abundance, materialism loses its prominence.