Making a Career Change at any time in your life can be challenging. Having to make a career change around health or disablement issues can be even more difficult and extremely stressful.

You may be being forced into a different job, returning to work after a break of sickness or maybe your present job is exacerbating your present health problems. This can bring up an array of emotions from feelings of loss, frustration, even disempowerment…

As a Life Coach and someone who has lived with a variety of health challenges for over 20 years that seriously affected my daily living, my mobility and ability to work a normal 9-5 day. I am more than aware of the challenges of finding a career that can maximise your abilities, your strengths, your personality and interests whilst considering your specific individual needs.

Life Coaching is a support service, a tool to help support you make changes in your life. I specialise in a life coaching service that supports others make healthier lifestyle and career changes. I do this through various strategies, particularly in helping the client focus on their natural abilities, skills, interests and passions that work around any health, mobility or environmental issues.

I have the skills; expertise and more importantly the expertise to empower, motivate and support you make healthier and necessary changes for your wellbeing, with an empathetic ear, compassion and understanding. These new changes may be in the form of re-education, a career change or simply taking up a new or old interest or hobby that gets you up in the morning, helps you have a purpose, and helps you feel part of the world again.

Until 31/08/2013 I am offering one lucky reader the chance to a Free 1hr online coaching session with myself. All you need to do is email me Eileen at with a short paragraph on why you would like a life coaching session and your present health or disablement challenges. One lucky winner will be chosen after 31st of August 2013 to receive the session.

I provide various life coaching and stress management sessions and programmes. Including the latest home programme RELEASE YOUR POTENTIAL available as a workbook only or as a home programme with 2 x 30 min life coaching sessions.

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