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Training For Therapists and Coaches 

Online CPD Training for therapists, coaches, and healers.

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Stress Management and Relaxation Therapist Training For Therapists, Organisations.

A wide range of CPD courses for therapists, coaches, health and wellbeing organisations. Online meditation, relaxation, sleep therapy, anxiety and stress management courses by Meditation Teacher & Stress Management Expert – Eileen Burns.

Online Training For Therapists

Stress Management 101 – CPD Course For Coaches and Therapists

Certificate Relaxation Therapist Training – Accredited Training For Coaches & Therapists

Certificate Stress Therapist Training Coming 2020

Marketing Courses For Healers, Coaches

Identify & Attract Your Soul Client Course Online Marketing Courses For Therapists, Coaches


Most of our online learning is provided by Stress Management Expert & Meditation Teacher, Eileen Burns with Bonus Sessions from Guest Trainers – David Rabone, Claire Ryan Heatley.


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How To Become a Relaxation Therapist & Teacher


Stress Management 101 Program

Learn how to let go of stress with our introduction to Stress Management Course.

Learn a variety of anxiety and stress-busting tools from our Stress Management 101 Toolkit

Which includes our most popular anxiety and stress busting tool of 20 years

Our less than 5 Minute Meditation Technique

Balanced Lifestyle Analysis Tool, Elephant In The Room Analysis Tool,

Traditional Breathing Meditation, Muscle Relaxation Technique

Breathing Checklist, Internal And External Stressor pdf,


Certificate Stress Therapist Coming in 2020

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