Release your Potential

One of the biggest things that I have always thrived on, is

helping others see their NATURAL talents & gifts and

supporting them towards using these natural abilities,

their gifts to REACH their VISION their DREAM.


My father was a self-made man, who struggled at school,

it would appear now he was dyslexic. When he left school

he worked as a young miner and later, set up his own

manufacturing business, despite many struggles which included

bringing up a very large family, 9 kids, YES 9 KIDS,  7 daughters

then 2 boys, I was the eldest.


My Dad wasn’t big on formal education, but as a teenager I gained

access to various self-help books, which helped me a great deal.

As a child and teenager I was very caring and creative but quite shy,

sensitive and quite anxious which impacted in most areas of our life.

But with my fathers drive, determination (which was passed down by a

very strong mother…my gran) many of the tools I learnt from these books

helped me to try various careers particularly as I began facing various

challenges, this included empowering me with the courage to venture towards

a career as a singer, which unfortunately I had to give up due to chronic ill

health but ironically led me on to this amazing journey as a healer & coach.


The tools I learnt, played a large part in helping me cope with very chronic

health challenges, that left me with severe physical limitations to my life, at a

very young age. As a sufferer of M.E. for 25 years; I spent a large part of my

twenties predominately housebound. But luckily my high motivation,

determination and passion for learning, helped me move forward and live

as healthy as I could with the skills I had at that time.  It empowered me to

use my time wisely on distant learning everything from psychology, stress

management, therapies until I was well enough to physically attend many

courses and training that would get me where I am today.


But despite being physically limited, my innate qualities always ran through… I

was always extremely caring, supportive and would encourage my friends to

set and break down goals,  empowering them towards the direction that

would help them get that job or career they dreamed off. One of my best

friends was terrified of flying but wanted to be an air hostess; she did this

with the support of believing her dream was possible, and the drive that the

bonuses to her job would outweigh her fears.


Even whilst still seriously ill, I desperately sought some sort of independence, so I set up a mail order and health directory business building up my  stress management and holistic therapy side as my stamina increased. 14 years later in my business, my main focus is stress management and life coaching, empowering others to live the life they would love and they deserve but in a very caring, nurturing way, supporting the people who care for others.

My life path, my innate abilities and my life experience is my MAGIC, my purpose, which includes both the natural facets of me from a young child, the sensitive natural empath, carer and nurturer who naturally wanted to support and empower others. Now does this, through healing and coaching with a wealth of experience and compassion through the challenges of my own life.

So what do you DREAM OF for your life? What is your MAGIC? In my work I see so many amazing people with amazing gifts with various life challenges, some serious health challenges and disabilities, long, term unemployed, carers, ethnic minority…each with their own set of life challenges, but each person in each group is unique, has their own natural skills and talents, their own life path, which they often don’t see, they are blinkered to their very own magic.

Lack of self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence and most importantly self-love can all hinder ones ability, to shine, step up , reach their potential and make those dreams happen. But never let that stop you, you are here to live and shine your magic.