My Journey began 22 years ago



Its hard to believe my Journey as a healer began over 2 decades ago. My health had began deteriorating at 19, various mystery ailments, chronic allergies, extreme exhaustion, fatigue, pain and a very serious degenerative eye condition in one eye…

At 21, I was introduced to Tom McCulloch, a Reiki Healer. Tom practised Reiki but Tom had a powerful gift. After a road accident, Tom quickly became aware of his healing hands and his ability to see what was exactly going on, he soon found himself training in and practising Reiki in a rural area of Lanarkshire.

Tom helped me greatly whilst predominately housebound with M.E. & other chronic health challenges I was suffering in my early twenties and he encouraged me to learn Reiki. So when he and his partner Sue, invited International Reiki Master; Mari Hall over from the states to teach Reiki in their home, they set it up, so I could begin my journey with Reiki before my 22nd birthday.

Despite being very ill and predominately housebound a large part of my twenties, I practised reiki on many friends and family regularly. I also used this time to try, research and study many modalities including various styles of meditation including TM and self development. Reiki, definitely took me on a  journey that I hadn’t planned. At 17, I had begun studying fashion & design for a year, then worked for a couple of highly reputable fashion designers & dressmakers, after a few in between jobs, I went to off to study music as a vocalist…but with no grant, I took on 3 part time jobs, but already suffering with chronic health challenges, I burnt myself out completely and was so unwell I had to come back home to Lanarkshire, to be cared for by my parents and siblings. Most doctors didn’t recognise or believe in M.E., and had very little knowledge about the rare cranial condition and strange eye symptoms I had. I was simply told I could lose my eye and there was nothing they could presently offer..

So I had no choice but to become self educated, self sufficient and even self medicate (holistically). I had to try and take full ownership of my health and well being.  I read up and tried out on as many holistic therapies, mind techniques, nutrition, anti-candida diets, juicing regimes that appeared to benefit my presenting conditions. Some symptoms were alleviated but stamina and mobility was something I struggled to build up.

In 2000, I finally started my own mail order holistic business which helped me gently integrate my healing, therapies and stress management work as I got physically stronger, but  I required 14 hours a day sleep to function ( a 3 hour nap in the afternoon between jobs). Serious mobility issues and days when I needed lots of physical rest before and after to attend specific jobs. But I loved my work, I loved that I felt valued or had a purpose. Most of my healing work started off for more physical ailments being as a channel for healing things like disc problems, back injuries, chronic illnesses then quickly I was seeing more people for emotional and mental challenges.

But boy oh boy the business had its challenges…business can be challenging…but business with a disability that affects your every day living, mobility isn’t recognised, supported, catered for or understood that’s another story…but even with extensive study of various practices I still hadn’t all the answers and although I was no longer predominately housebound. I still wasn’t listening to my body, I was only just surviving in more ways than one…and was developing even more chronic health challenges; extreme digestive issues, more cysts, a benign tumour despite therapies, health issues the length of my arm…..I actually felt my body was really giving up on me and I had a strong sense I had to do something fast. No matter how much healing I gave myself or others gave me, things weren’t improving.

So I took a chance and got all the money I could, to pay for private testing and treatment at a national private nutritional clinic that specialised in M.E., they certainly helped alleviate some of symptoms but I very quickly run out of money..and simply couldn’t keep up the treatment…For 25 years I had been ill and had always spent most of my income on my well being, just to have some sort of functioning.  And was so ill that my business was losing a lot of money fast…

Then in the strangest sequence of events a healer, David Rabone, The Soul Healer offered me a free healing session, literally turning up on my door on the 2nd January 2013. When David gave me some healing, I was gob smacked with what I experienced…I am someone who has fortunately experienced the gifts of many amazing healers but this was something off the chart,  he touched my total core, something so much deeper, it was definitely healing on a very deep soul level.

Anyway from that day on, David became my teacher and healer and a very good friend….and over these 16 months David has kindly generously shared his gifts, his insights and his development with me, which I am both humbled and honoured. Helping me to open up to so many other possibilities I hadn’t considered..and has helped me realign towards my life purpose.

This has involved helping me integrate my work as a healer and meditation teacher of 12 years together. Healing through stillness, through awareness…..

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