After any kind of loss or life change, illness, grief, seperation, even redundancy or unemployment, we can feel stuck, as one chapter of our life ends and a new chapter begins.

The transition isn’t always plain sailing, it can be painful and difficult, and be a source of anxiety and fear.  Your self esteem and confidence may be at an all time low, you may feel apathy or lack of motivation although your perfectly aware, you are the one that has to make those changes, move forward, get out there and create a new chapter of your life.

Providing strategies and suggestions to help build a client’s confidence and self esteem is just one aspect of life coaching, providing a confidential space where clients can explore new possibilities, share fears or dreams is a big part of spiritual coaching. I use a combination approach to help clients move from a fear of grief, paralysis, anxiety to a place of hope, even excitement and exploration.

No matter where you are, personal development and coaching can help you explore where you are at, where you or are may like to go. It can help you find yourself, help you take up old or new hobbies and interests, get yourself out there, even find your life purpose.

I will be offering a small  workshop on “Moving Forward after Loss or Seperation ” at the end of May or into June in the motherwell or wishaw area, details to be confirmed.



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