Is Suffering From Apathy, Chronic, And Severe Stress taking over your life? Is it stopping you from taking action, prioritising self-care? Or stopping you from fully taking self-responsibility?

Why are so many people today in such a state of apathy?

Why are so many people feeling anything but empowered?

Struggling to take action and self-responsibility

for their life, their health, and the situations they find themself in?

signs of apathy, chronic stress and severe stress

What is Apathy?

Apathy in many ways is often a physiological and psychological reaction, a symptom of chronic or severe stress, trauma, depression, or other mental health challenges.

A state of indifference, overwhelm, exhaustion, or suppression of fear. 

In some ways a state of mental and emotional consciousness that millions have found themself engulfed in over the last few years.

The Common Problems With Apathy

Now the problem is apathy feeds apathy in both a collective way and in a long-term way.

The longer we find ourselves stuck in apathy the more difficult it can be for us to move out of that state.

The more power we give away physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and societally through lack of action and self-responsibility, the more we fall into passiveness and victimhood.

The less likely we are to notice or play a part in the decisions made in the world we live in.

That is why throughout history, during times when there was great apathy and depression, many people have stood back and let some of the most disturbing things happen, especially around their basic human rights.

When we feel lost, worn out, overwhelmed, and distracted it is easy to block out the world within and around us.

Today it can be too easy to think well we have no power anyway, it can be easier to let other people and the world around us make those big decisions for us. 

But the reality is we are all stronger than we think we are.

We just need to know or be reminded how to access that strength, that passion, that power.

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Moving Out Of Apathy

And when it comes to overwhelm and stress it is often a bit about reframing things and about learning the right skills that help us harness that strength and resilience.

As a highly sensitive child who was regarded as too soft, I often felt powerless.

My sensitive traits were viewed so much as a weakness rather than a strength, that I was viewed as weak and vulnerable. 

Even my school report cards said Eileen is too sensitive, she is very very sensitive lol

But the reality my sensitivity was my strength NOT my weakness. 

I just had to understand and see that to turn what I saw as a weakness into my biggest superpower.

It gifted me with a high level of perception, awareness, and intuition way above most people around me.

It helped me see things from a much deeper spiritual level.

Oh YES, LOL it did cause me more than a few challenges.

But out of those challenges, I found my strength, courage, inner empowerment, and wisdom.

On many levels, I  found out I was so much stronger and more powerful than I ever imagined.

And definitely than what my teacher ever imagined. 

I just needed the help to shift my perspective and learn some strategies to become more resilient.

That is why I truly believe we are all much stronger and more powerful than we can imagine.

On The Other Side Of Apathy

No matter how much apathy is crippling your choices, your life, your health, your relationships, and your rights right now.

Believe me, it is important to know that the other end of apathy and fear is, action, life, passion, purposeand POWER!!!

Because apathy is not where you belong, that is not a place where you are called to be.

YES sometimes we need a rest, a break from the overwhelm, the chaos, the confusion, and the stress.

But also sometimes we just need a little bit of help, support, or a different way of looking at things.

And the tools to manage our fear, our anxiety, and stress. If you need that help don’t be afraid to reach out for that help.

Because you are important, you matter and we need you at this time.

The reality is we are all more powerful than we can possibly imagine, especially when we all have the courage and wisdom to work together to create together, the type of world we are here to co-create.

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