Reflection of the Past to Plan the Future


At the beginning of any year we usually review the challenges or highlights of  the past year. To help plan our future and possible resolutions. For some of us there is losses hard to bare, for others a year of wonderful things of many blessings and gifts. No matter how difficult or generous this year has been for you, it is a good time to review the good times and those situations that require healthier changes.

1. Be thankful for all you have gained whether new friends, additional family members, memories and special times and even lessons in life.

2. Be positive, look into the light, no matter how challenging life has been, remember life is an adventure and each ones of us has a purpose, we all have gifts and skills that to be valuable to the large tapestry of life.

3. Acceptance, when we want to move forward on to a new chapter of our life we have to accept where we are presently are so we can plan the journey we would like to make. If something isnt healthy or working well, you need to accept it  and look at ways to change it whether its how you think about it or what you are or arent doing about it.

4. Make a Goal, whether your resolution is to make changes to your health and wellbeing, relationship, career, lifestyle, you need to imagine the goal.

4. Plan, when you want to makea resolution or goal you need a plan, it doesnt have to be complicated but a clear sense of what the goal is . Youve got to be SMART, be specific, its got to be measurable, achievable, realistic/relevant, time based.

5. Take Action Daily, if you want a new job or career you need to actively do something daily or weekly to achieve your goal . What are you going to day each day, each week to achieve your goal.

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