Reiki For Parents & Carers

Reiki is an amazing SIMPLE, SAFE but effective healing modality for all the family.

Reiki healing energy It is has many benefits including deep RELAXATION for both giver & receiver. As well the fact it acts as a catalyst of HEALING for any emotional, physical, mental or spiritual dis-ease or dis-harmony in the body.

Reiki can be used anywhere, any time, on all ages from new born babies to the elderly and those critically ill or in chronic pain. Reiki is practised whilst the person is fully clothed and doesn’t have to be practised only on a bed. The hands are simply placed above or on the body.

It is extremely soothing, comforting and safe for most conditions, it doesn’t have the contraindications that many healing modalities have and it is now very inexpensive to learn.

Reiki 1 is firstly about healing the SELF first and foremost, in a way its about taking you back to the SELF.

When you have mastered the art of using it on one self, you can begin to practise Reiki on your friends & family.

I was honoured to began working with Reiki 22 years ago, it literally saved my life, my sanity. I was in my early twenties, chronically ill with a seriously debilitating illness that was mostly un-recognised and left me predominately housebound a large part of my twenties as well as a very seriously rare condition that was known to cause serious facial muscle, bone and neurological degeneration. I had lost most pf my sight on one and possibility complete eye loss.

Reiki is now so easily accessible when i started there was only a handful of reiki therapists and no masters I knew of. My reiki master- Mari Hall was brought over to scotland from America. It’s almost hard to believe how popular it has become, now here in lanarkshire there’s thousands of Reiki Masters never mind, therapists. It is now a very low cost healing modality that you have for life. Once you have been attuned to reiki you have access to this energy for the rest of your life.

It is a powerful healing skill for any individual especially young parents or carers who are suffering the stress, exhaustion or frustration of the daily challenges of modern life and the huge changes to one’s life, to cater for the needs of a young family or other dependant.

It is particularly beneficial for any main caregiver, who is caring for everyone else. A great relaxation, healing and self therapy tool.

So why not learn REIKI for YOU & your family.