The stress relief when you accept who you truly are. Resisting who you are is one of the biggest causes of stress for many people. You would be surprised of the immediate stress relief when you totally love or accept yourself.

In a society that for far too long focused so much attention on what is beautiful, what is acceptable, what is not. What is trendy, what is not, what is of value, what is not… We have a rather screwed up distortion of what is of value.

So many of us place far more attention on money, other’s perception than on our own well-being or happiness or our own self-love.

The Stress Relief When You STOP Wanting To Be Like Someone Else

When you pretend or wish to be someone else to fit in, we waste a lot of energy wishing, trying and even resistance, trying to be someone we are not. You may not even be aware of it, perhaps you want to be more outgoing than Karen in the office or be exactly like George who seems so organised and great at everything. Maybe your hiding your individuality in fear of being viewed as weird.

Over the years I have witnessed so many clients, close friends and family, trying to force themselves into something they are not. Receiving or putting so much pressure to be someone else. When they start to move away from what is not right aligned or for them, they start to find themself. When they start to fully accept themself and truly love them self. Their lifes can completely change. The stress relief is dramatic. 

stress relief when you accept you are

Stress is based on our perception, a fear or threat. If you suffer from constant stress, you are often in resistance to present events or life challenges.  You are not in the flow, you are not relaxed, but in a state of dis-ease

When you can truly be yourself, accept yourself, you begin to live a life that is healthy for you. When you don’t, your living in a state of dis-ease from your soul’s essence. Your trying to survive under a shadow, maybe you are that square peg trying to fit into a round hole. A role that is exhausting, uncomfortable and full of internal and external pressure.

I always thought I was being myself until much deeper closer inspection. Deeper awareness made me realise, how much I had been kidding myself. 

The Stress Relief Of Accepting Who You Are And Who Your Not

I have been always been an empath, extremely sensitive, caring and generous. But in business I believed I had to hide those qualitied behind a professional wall. Behind this qualification, this expertise or my business name. I put myself under a tremendous amount of pressure to have the highest qualifications, extensive experience to justify I was enough. You see I’ve lived with over 25 years of chronic health challenges. I’ve also lived a life time of emotional sensitivity and extreme empathy which I was trying to deny not own. Although I didn’t consciously hide my illnesses, I suffered the shame that comes with things we don’t like about ourselves. Believing  this was my weak point, I left myself open to criticism by others who used this to dis-empower me. 

But their projections, their lack of insight and awareness, were  mere reflection of my own beliefs and un-acceptance of myself. I was not fully embracing and owning all the aspects of me, which makes me, me. As I begin that healing journey towards total acceptance. I am beginning to love and accept these vulnerabilities are not wrong or bad. They are part of me, my journey. And although in many ways we are not our identity, our roles, we are so much more. I can now be more open about being the highly empathic, highly caring, sensitive experienced healer I am. Very much the healer I am supposed to be.

What are you not fully embracing?

What pressure are you putting yourself under in trying to be someone you were never supposed to be? What part of you are you not owning? What parts of you shame are actually the key to your own personal hidden treasure? 

How To Start Accepting And Being Who You Are

Just imagine the stress relief you would experience if you simply loved, accept and embraced all of who you. And even who you are not.

The easiest route towards the natural you is by taking the time out to stop. Taking time to be still, to be in the moment then more and more of your natural self shines through. The more time we connect to the self, the part of us that never changes. You don’t even need to try and accept who you are, because the natural you emerges. The most simple and powerful way to to access the self that stillness is through meditation. You can start accessing more of you natural true self today. With my FREE Mini Traditional Meditation Course