If you are a healer, therapist or coach you need to invest in the right marketing, the right message to your potential clients.


Your message has to be crystal clear, your marketing message has to be effective to attract the clients that are willing to pay for your product or service. But so many holistic therapists, healers and coaches struggle to get off the ground due to no, poor or ineffective marketing.

You have already spent a lot of money, probably quite a few thousand in learning your skills. A lot of hours even years studying and practicing to become a great therapist. But if you fail to invest in the right marketing skills or resources. It is very unlikely your business will grow successfully.

As therapists, we often get so caught up in the latest or most effective technique. We make the big mistake of selling the technique instead of selling the solution. Or the package, the support the service that comes with it. Think about what you are looking for, when you are in pain, unwell, feeling stressed. Are you really interested in the therapist’s tool box or the solution to your problem?

Consumers are only looking for the end result and with today’s expectations. Clients want that solution as simply, timely and stress-free as possible.

So are YOU Selling to your client’s needs?

Does your business sell solutions, to something YOUR clients truly, want or need and are willing to pay for?

Are you selling to a saturated market or a niche market?

Are YOU Selling to your right audience or an audience that belongs to someone else. I see so many new therapists invest a lot of time and energy selling to other therapists or to audiences that are not their ideal clients.

Too many coaches and therapists spend a lot of time promoting their services in groups full of other therapists. Therapists who are more than likely not your perfect client. Unless you are an experienced teacher, trainer, offering a unique service to other therapists, they are not your ideal clients.

CPD therapy training

As well as been a self-employed therapist, healer and coach for nearly 20 years. I have helped guide and support many therapists, healers, and coaches on their business journey. And witnessed one of the most common selling mistakes that many well-being practitioners make. Trying to sell their services to clients that are simply not in alignment with. I made this same mistake myself many times in my early years in business. I trained in many areas of stress management and focused a lot of time, energy and marketing towards the more corporate sector. But time and time again, the universe re-directed, nudged me into a completely different sector. My gifts, skills, life experience at that time was at a much more grass root level helping others dealing with extreme health and social changes. My niche at that time was teaching in the local health, charity and education sector.

I was a healer and therapist but my biggest skills and physical resources at that time was in empowering and teaching others who had similar life challenges. When I was being my natural self, sharing my own natural gifts  and life experiences my business flourished. When I wasn’t and was too busy focusing on the type of clients I was told I should be focusing on. Well in many was my business nose dived lol. Interestingly so did my health.

Looking back I can see clearly, the many times I was out of alignment, with who I was and who my clients were. These were the times, when I was trying to be someone I wanted to be or thought I had to be, and at those times when I was not selling to MY clients specific needs. But to someone else’s clients. Too many coaches, therapists and healers are trying to be someone they are not. Are trying to align or match up to clients that they are not naturally or not yet aligned with.

Your clients needs have to resonate with not only what you can deliver in skills and experience. But with aspects of you. Some clients are seeking compassion, care and support. Some clients are looking for perhaps a straight-talking, no-nonsense approach. Some clients want a cheap and cheerful experience. While others want a more deeply spiritual or deeply intensive experience, each client is unique so are you. You need to sell your uniqueness and your magic within your product or service.

So what does your client need?

What product or service do you offer that offers a solution to that need?

If you need any support to help identify, find or attract the right clients. Check out my Free Course What Is A Soul Client?