Are You Running A Therapy Business Or Hobby?

Start running a therapy business and stop treating your business like a hobby. Learn the big mistakes many holistic and spiritual business owners make around their business. Why certain beliefs around living your purpose, being of service can stop many healers and therapists building a real business.

Beliefs That Are Stopping You Run A Therapy Business

Some of the biggest issues I see that stops many coaches and therapists building a healthy business is

  1. They believe because they have found their purpose or are being of service so that they are not really running a business.
  2. Many believe their vibration is so high, their purpose is so pure that they don’t have to really market their services. They don’t really have to show up, they don’t have to invest in what they are offering.
  3. Many have mental blocks around marketing, technology and social media. So they do as little as they can or just pass the job on to anyone else. And still expect or believe they should be getting better results.
  4. They struggle to charge their worth and what they need to charge to maintain a healthy business.

If You Want to Earn An Income Your Running A Business

No matter how much you think you are living your purpose by helping others. If you are doing it to make an income, you are a business and you need to apply business principles.

If you started your healing or therapy business to make an income. You have to apply the right business principles and effective marketing tactics.

Most healers, therapists, and coaches invest a lot of money, years and heart in training, studying to get the right skills. Many are totally dedicated in getting the right knowledge, and the right experience. But they fail to recognise how much they need to invest in the right business and marketing skills.  And so does many of the colleges and training schools.

You Need To Understand Your Market

Many training schools give students the impression that being in this industry is an easy way to make a high income. I have seen so many students in great paying jobs give up over 25-40 year careers. And other students spend their retirement fund on fast track training school that promised the world. Believing they could easily create a highly lucrative business with very little investment. By charge clients a lot of money, while experts in these fields struggle to charge these amounts.

Sadly many students, have no understanding of business, business costs, a business plan, business marketing….They have no awareness of the current market or trends in the holistic and wellbeing industry. So they really struggle to get any clients never mind make a healthy living.

You need to understand the holistic and wellbeing market, understand the market for your products and services.

running a therapy business or hobby

Sadly I see too many typical coaches/therapists come to see me for advice, after a very bumpy financial year or so. Some therapists come to me after a year, with not even one paying client. To make a living as a healer, therapist you need to apply the basic principles of a business.

The Main Difference When Running A Therapy Business

  1. You are a business and have to run your healing or coaching service as a healthy profit making business.
  2. You need to remember income is not profit. You may charge £40-£100 for a service but you have various business running costs; advertising, marketing, insurance, clinic, travel, telephone, accountancy costs… So your business profit in a year is what you make after your business running costs have come off. Your profit, take home pay is not what clients pay you. Every business is completely different, some of the services I used to offer cost me over 10 times in insurance and professional charges than most other therapists. So every business and it’s costings are unique.
  3. If you want you and your business to be taken seriously, you need to show up as a professional therapy, healing or coaching service.  You need to nurture the know, like and trust factor with your ideal client.  If you want to charge like a professional coach or therapist, your business service has to match that. Your website, your marketing, your products all need to match that.
  4. You need to be offering your products and services to the right audience that want your services, will buy your services. Are you in the right location? Are you advertising your services in the right places? I see so many therapists and healers spend a lot of time marketing their services in groups where there is only other healers and therapists. And unless they are highly experienced and highly trained teachers who are offering therapist training. They are not marketing in front of their ideal audience.

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