Where Does True Self-Healing Occur?

Despite having chronic health challenges from my late teens it has took me a long time to fully understand self-healing. I  began practising reiki and meditation in my early twenties. Training in reiki introduced me to self-healing and helped me enough to move on to other types of holistic support.  Meditation in many ways was a more powerful self-healing tool. The right type of meditation skill can help you access so much more. Your own inner calm and strength to cope with whatever life challenge arises.

Through my healing journey I not only received many holistic modalities but trained in many disciplines. I developed a passion and strong interest for many holistic approaches and self-help strategies as a teenager. And although some approaches helped me with specific health difficulties some health challenges seemed more difficult to shift. I really began to witness how important self-healing was. And how vital it was that the healer gave the power to the client. Sadly something that many healers still fail to fully understand or be aware of.

Self-Healing Through A State Of Being

But the biggest insight was when true healing and self-healing occurred.  Self-Healing began to happen I was in a state of being, almost accepting rather than really focusing on healing. I recently realised this also applied to all areas of my life including my business. We are so conditioned to struggle or survive, we fall in to fight, flight or freeze mode. And we bring that into many areas of our life.

As someone who was highly motivated from a young age, the eldest of 9. I was brought up in a family business background with strong hard working ethics. So just being, was completely alien to my conditioning and ingrained belief system.  For too long what my body was telling me and what I was telling my body didn’t match up. I tried to control my body with a positive mental attitude but my body wanted and needed rest. You see, at 19 I came down with a post viral fatigue type illness after mercury poisoning. My symptoms became very varied and dramatic and by my early twenties I was mostly house and bed bound. I developed very rare and bizarre conditions and symptoms including a hole in the back of one eye.

Mainstream allopath medicine could offer me no treatment or support.  But thankfully the holistic industry gave me hope. After  many approaches that didn’t work a few helped me slowly get stronger and stronger . It took 7 years to get some sort of life back but I managed to get some sort of independence and became a self-employed therapist, healer and coach. Which led me to look at life completely different.

Sadly Modern Day Conditioning And Business Is A Major Cause of Dis-ease

Sadly we are so conditioned into controlling and having everything. We almost expect to have everything at the push of a button, we want everything now. We don’t want to solve the cause of our disease, like changing our eating, working or lifestyle habits. We just want a pill or solution that will fix it right now. In many ways this way of living is our biggest cause of dis-ease.

We are so focused and busy creating our future we fail to be in the present moment. We are so addicted to being busy and active we sometimes have to be forced and yet again reminded to be, to be in the flow. Recently I wasn’t actually being or going with the flow. I was actually choking myself, my heart, my soul with a more forceful nature of doing, I was in survival mode. I was doing, doing, doing, planning, planning, planning, forcing, forcing, forcing. We all grasp to control our life, situations and outcomes at times and it doesn’t serve us.

And this just as much a problem in the holistic, spiritual and wellbeing industry than anywhere else. When we see coaches who are pushing, pushing themselves and clients to set goals from the wrong place, the ego, not the soul. And aspects of the fitness industry that is simply focusing on vanity than true health and wellbeing.


Why Surrendering And Being Is Where True self-healing Occurs?

Deep inside everyone is struggling to let go and let god. It’s funny how these big signs can come up continually in our life and again if we don’t listen we can be forced to stop, to be or really slow down. I have been forced to stop many times lol

At these times I was actually disconnecting from the real me, my inner me.  But recently with the suprising arrival of a deeply compassionate spiritual teacher and healer in my life David Rabone. I am learning more and being reminded that the key to healing is truly being and allowing and of course trusting.

So are you trying to heal or make happen?

What are you trying to control?

Or what are you allowing to be?

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