How can Life Coaching help Build my Confidence or Self Esteem ?

Life Coaching is about empowering the client, A Life Coach provides the support, encouragement and often tools into motivating and directing the client to make the changes they want to make in their life. This can be in their personal or career life, their relationships to their health and wellbeing.

This often involves addressing confidence and self esteem issues that may be holding the client back. As someone who has was brought up on self help books from a teenager and has taught personal development for over 10 years. I have found self esteem, lack of confidence and assertiveness can be thuge factors holding people back in many areas of their life from their personal and social life, to their career even their health and wellbeing.

Like most like skills, building confidence and tackling self esteem issues takes time but life coaching and self development is about teaching and empowering the student or client with the necessary tools to do this. The client or student is then empowered to continue their own development at a pace that suits them, building strong foundations from the bottom up. Each life coaching session is always tailored to the clients specific needs. I specialise in life coaching, stress management, wellbeing and spiritual coaching.

Life Coaches teach in various ways I provide both online 1-2-1 life coaching through skype, email coaching and life coaching workshops. We presently have some great summer offers to help you fast track into present challenges. Our Initial 1-2-1 Life Coaching Session + Pre-Questionnaire from only £30 when you sign up as a member of stress angel rrp £60 or come and have some fun at our Summer Life Coaching Workshop “Release YOUR Potential” at The Shawlands Hotel, Lanarkshire sun 4th august fantastic summer offer includes lunch, buffet, refreshment. Investment only £67 rrp £97

I also incorporate a more spiritiual style of life coaching which helps clients really connect to their heart, their spirit their being. Helping them choose more wisely goals and dream that align with their core. Check out our spiritual life coaching site, for free access to some simple transformational tools, free downloads and competition enteries.

Create a Life that Works for YOU

Create a Life that Works for YOU