Essences For Anxiety, Stress And Sensitivity by Sally Arthurs

Advice on natural essences for anxiety, stress and sensitivity by flower remedy and essence practitioner, Sally Arthurs.

essences for anxiety- sally arthurs

Modern day living is on some levels empowering and gives us more freedom to pursue our dreams and desires. However a by product is that the fast pace of life, multiplied by often conflicting demands on our time can often throw us into varying levels of stress and anxiety.

When we say we are stressed or anxious we are using a rather broad umbrella which covers a whole range of physical concerns, thought patterns and out of balance emotions.

When we are stressed or anxious we can find that our sensitivities are amplified. Things that generally wouldn’t trouble us can feel as though they are hitting a raw nerve. We can begin to feel that we just can’t cope with all the added triggers and stresses and become overwhelmed.  Things can seem like they are spiralling out of control.

From an energetic perspective when we feel like this and our energy is rising upwards (Often referred to as rising panic) we begin to find it hard to focus on what we need to.  We are becoming ungrounded and a bit like a helium balloon bobbing around often feeling floaty and disorientated.

When our energy goes into this phase it can cause issues in that it is stretching our auric field upwards and outwards and a bit like blowing up a balloon our boundaries become thinner and more porous. This begins to create a cycle; our boundaries are poor so we become hyper reactive to external influences.  This in turn weakens our boundaries leading to increased sensitivity and reactivity.

Why I Use Essences For Anxiety, Stress And Highly Sensitive People

As an emotional wellbeing practitioner I always look at things from the emotional viewpoint. Often when we rebalance emotionally it clears one of the stress factors and brings a much needed breathing space that allows us more clarity.  I work with vibrational essences as my way to help you interpret what is going on and to support you as you work through it.

When we have an emotional reaction in a situation it can be overwhelming and we really can’t focus much on what the reality of the situation is. It’s a bit like having a really dirty windscreen and not being able to switch on your windscreen wipers. Emotional balance allows the windscreen wipers to work and clears a space so we can actually see where we are going.

Why Use Essences For Anxiety, Stress And Sensitivity

Flower and Vibrational essences (Tree, Gem, Metal and Environmental) are very helpful in these situations. The essences are very gentle and work on an emotional level and are chosen to treat the most prevalent or most troublesome emotion at the time. Working with this process can bring a lot of insight into what is going on for us.

Often the emotions can be heightened due to what I term “historic triggers” When  we are growing and  learning about the world we often learn patterns of behaviours that in a way protect us from feeling vulnerable or hurt. We learn our own coping mechanisms and these can be helpful for us in the short term. However we also have increased emotional response at this time.

(If for example you had been laughed at when doing something at school and you had learned your coping mechanism, which could be perhaps to inject humour into your conversations with others  – taking control by directing the laughter. You still have the vulnerability on some level and perhaps if you walk into your work place and there is laughter that stops suddenly – it triggers the insecurity in you and not only do you have the emotional response to that situation – it references every other time you have felt like this and the emotion you feel is like a giant wave that overwhelms you and flows with the intensity of every feeling you have ever had about feeling laughed at or Vulnerable around others surfaces and we have an exaggerated emotional response to the situation)

There are lots of readily available essences that can be beneficial and can help us to regain focus and balance.  The essences chosen this way can help us to cope in the immediate moment and are helpful in the first stages of hypersensitivity.

Where Can I Purchase Essences For Anxiety, Stress Or Sensitive Challenges?

The most readily available and widely used vibrational and flower essences are the Bach Flower Essences. They can be purchased online or from your local health food stores. If purchasing on line I suggest looking at the Healing Herbs range of Bach essences.

Vibrational Essences For Anxiety, Stress And Sensitivity Issues Include:

Cherry Plum to help ground and bring our rising energy back down into our bodies, reducing that floaty out of control feeling. Cherry plum is listed for fear that we can’t cope and might even do something we might not want to. Such as losing our tempers or hurting ourselves or others. ( Its also a really good essence when dealing with children’s temper tantrums – as they are technically in this state too!)

White Chestnut is the essence of choice if you find your thoughts are whirling and you are not getting any respite from them. The White Chestnut state of mind often causes great issues when it comes to trying to get to sleep at night.

Red Chestnut essence is a great essence to use if your thoughts get caught up in worry and concern for others and often get caught up in worst case scenario thoughts – fearing that something awful will happen to our loved ones when they are absent from us.

Elm essence is great when we lapse into the feelings of being overwhelmed and unable to cope. Especially  where we would generally cope admirably well in similar situations.

Beech essence is for the over sensitive – sensitive. It comes into its own when we feel judged by others or get into the habit of judging ourselves and giving ourselves a hard time over what we have (or perhaps haven’t) done.

Often learning to protect our boundaries, that as previously discussed can cause increased sensitivity, we can help keep ourselves more in balance. My essences of choice for this are from various other ranges as follows:

Walnut Moss (Jan Stewart Essences) which helps us create a barrier between others and ourselves. It allows us to pause and not to take things personally.  It also allows us to pause before we get caught in a knee jerk reaction to someone or something. Although protective knee –jerk reactions tend not to be very helpful in the long term.

Angelsword (Australian Bush flower Essences) which helps us to cut the energetic chords to others that can keep us feeling burdened by their pull on our energy.

Ground Moss (my own essence) that helps to cool and calm the thought process. It cushions us and allows our emotions to disperse easier allowing us to feel in charge. When emotions are overwhelming I liken what it does emotionally to the old saying –   it’s like the tail wagging the dog, Ground Moss reverses this out of control feeling and allows the dog to happily wag its tail as it chooses. Allowing us to be in control of how we are feeling.

Skunk Essence (Wild Earth Animal Essences) is a great essence to use when you feel crowded and intimidated by others and it feels like they are constantly invading your personal space. It allows you breathing space and deflects energy of others away from you. (Please note this is a shamanic made essence and no skunks were used or harmed in its making)

There are many more flower essences and vibrational that are helpful and you can learn which ones work for you best.  The effects can be very subtle and you perhaps just notice that you have dealt with things in a way that has no adverse effect on you. Often you will feel more clarity on how to proceed in a more structured and empowered way.

The beauty of essences is that they provide a breathing space that enhances the positive and allow you insight to change any negative. Sometimes these basic essences are enough to help us through a rough patch.  However if it is something we have been troubled with for some time or it is a long term issue more can be achieved with the help of a custom blended essence formula with the help of an Essence Practitioner.

You can find out more about Sally’s work and help how she uses essences for anxiety, stress and sensitivity at  Sally Arthurs Emotional Wellbeing 

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