Therapists How To Empower Clients

As a healer or therapist our role is to help empower clients towards their own self-healing and self-realizations.


Healers are not the healer or the fixer we are here as a channel or tool to help empower clients. We are simply here providing the space, the guidance or tools to empower clients or students into a space where self healing can occur.

We may traditionally view someone who requires healing or fixing as the person who has clear physical, mental or emotional disease. But the reality is every human being has their own dis-ease. Each one of us has our own human battle. Some are just viewed more serious or palatable than others. Society views the drug addict or alcoholic more negatively than the workaholic, control freak, ego maniac….But we are all here with human flaws, with hurt, rejection, loss, fear, trauma. We all need to be loved, cared for, supported, accepted and empowered.

Sadly too many healers don’t have the awareness to see their clients don’t need fixed but supported. One of the reasons many healers create dis-empowerment and co-dependency issues. Failing to move clients on to their next stage of evolvement. This is something I become very aware of early on in my career as both healer, student and client.


How To Empower Clients Who Expect You To Do All The Work

how to empower clientsBut sadly in a world where we can order many things at the push of a button. Many clients expect and want quick fix, magic solutions where someone else does all the work. They want the therapist or healer to do all the work without taking any self-responsibility or action.

Healers, therapists and coaches are their to support, empower their clients not to take their power away. We are not here to take their responsibility away, control the healing process but to hold a safe space for that person to self heal.

But sadly more and more healers are being pulled into the modern myth that they can FIX people, their technique is the magic tool that makes miraculous results. That they are the hero when the reality is.

No 1_Recognise You Are Not The Fixer– the body, the mind and emotion has tremendous capabilities to self heal in the right situations.

No 2_Give Your Client Back The Power – when we don’t consciously hand back the power back to the client, you can create dis-service and dis-empowerment to the client consciously or unconsciously. As they then believe something outside them self, someone greater than them has healed them.

No 3_Let Go Of The Ego- It is important to get out of our own way and not let the ego get tangled up in an expected outcome. Come from a state of stillness and peace, a true healing space that is open to whatever is in the best interest of the client.

No 4_Help Your Client Recognise They Are More Than Enough– Underneath we are all perfect, we are god’s essence and when we and our clients wake up and realise that. We heal as we recognise our strengths ,our greatness, our perfection.

Sadly many clients come to us, with miraculous expectations or from their deepest pain. They desperately want to be anywhere else than where they are right now. So it is vital you as the coach or healer is in the right space. And the only way you can do this, is if you are in a state of balance, in  a state of peace and stillness.

As someone who has studied healing and meditation for over 25 years and taught meditation and stress management for mostly 16 part of these years. I have witnessed how much powerful but simple stress management skills not only help clients but the coaches and therapists who want to do the most powerful work. So if you want to fully empower yourself and your clients it is vital you are holding that client from a safe supportive space. And the first place to start is making sure you are coming from a place of calm and great peace.

I see so many coaches and therapists struggling with their own daily anxiety and stress. They turn up for sessions more exhausted and fragile than calm and confident. Not exactly in the right space to empower clients effectively. The reason I created the Calm Coach kit- stress management module for coaches and therapists. This module is packed with a variety of powerful, simple, easy to use stress management tools.

YES an amazing opportunity to learn powerful techniques and top tips from myself, Eileen Burns a Stress Expert who taught to local education, health and charity sectors for over 16 years.


calm coach course for coaches, therapists

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