Neurotoxicity and Stress On The CNS ( Central Nervous System). Learn about many of the symptoms of Neurotoxicity. Learn about the most common chemicals Neurotoxic chemicals, metals and compounds. Some found in your home, food and even in medical procedures.

So What Is Neurotoxicity?

“Neurotoxicity is defined as any adverse effect on the structure or function of the central and peripheral nervous systems at the result of a diversity of biological, chemical, or physical agents.” From: Progress in Brain Research, 2016

Common Symptoms Of Neurotoxicity

Balance Issues, Bladder or Bowel Problems, Confusion, Concentration Problems, Eye Problems, Headaches, Memory Issues, Muscle Twitching, Muscle Spasms, Muscle Weakness, M-S Type Symptoms, Paralysis, Paraesthesia, plus many other Psychiatric and Neurological Symptoms that are unexplained.

Diseases Caused by Neurotoxicity

There are many diseases believed to be linked to neurotoxicity such as Alzheimer’s, M.S., Parkinson’s’ Disease. But obviously, developmental neurotoxicity from industrial chemicals is a major cause of neurotoxicity. Arsenic, Lead, Methylmercury, and PCBs are well-known neurotoxins that lead to permanent disability. And other health issues caused by neurotoxins in food such as Aspartame, Phenaline…Neurotoxicity can also be a contributing factor in vagus nerve dysfunction.

Neurotoxicity, Stress on the  Central Nervous System


Aspartame a popular artificial sweetner is regarded by many scientists as a neurotoxin. It is in many foods, sweets, drinks especially those that are labeled sugar-free. There are over 90 symptoms linked to aspartame such as allergies, anxiety, breathing difficulties, headaches, insomnia, memory issues, numbness, tinnitus….

Mercury And Neurotoxicity


Although methylmercury is classed as a neurotoxin and carcinogenic, we know most people today have at least a small amount of methylmercury in their bodies. Some research says for most people it is below the safe level, where other research would disagree. The major cause of methylmercury toxicity is said to be caused by the consumption of fish and shellfish that is highly contaminated with methylmercury.

Metallic Mercury

Although metallic mercury is viewed as a neurotoxin, banned as dental fillings by Canada, Denmark, Grermany, Norway and Sweden, it is still used in amalgam fillings here in the UK. Metallic mercury is also widely used in thermometers and has been found in some jewellery made in mexico.

“In 1989, an adult was melting dental amalgam in a casting furnace in the basement of his home in an attempt to recover silver from the amalgam. Mercury fumes released during the operation apparently had entered air ducts in the basement and had circulated throughout the house. He and the other residents of the home suffered serious health consequences.” EPA – How People Are Exposed To Mercury.

Eye Complications And Mercury Poisioning – My Own Story

In 1988 at age 19 during part of what was supposed to a root canal treatment, an elderly dentist accidentally put mercury up my root canal. Interestingly I developed very serious eye complications over a few years, it was later discovered I had a very mysterious hole in the back of my eye and other rare eye complications.

One professor kept asking me was I sure I wasn’t in some sort of accident where metal or glass got into my eye. The area of the degeneration and issue was right above the nerves that came from the tooth in question. Now within a few days of the mercury issue, I developed what I would appear at first to be a severe flu with very strange symptoms. Some symptoms that I never fully recovered from and was diagnosed with having M.E. Although I also had developed different rare neurological symptoms some that started to develop in my 40s, which included violent muscle jerking, spasms, severe noise sensitivity, nerve damage, and weakness, Parkinson type symptoms and what would appear to be late stage Lyme disease. My story was not straightforward I will explain more later.

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Thimerosal – Mercury Containing Organic Compound

Thimerosal is an organomercurial compound used in vaccines as a preservative. “Thimerosal, which is approximately 50% mercury by weight, has been one of the most widely used preservatives in vaccines. ” FDA. Common vaccines that contain thiomersal include those against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTP), hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), rabies, influenza and meningococcal diseases.”

Sadly in my own work I have met many practitioners and parents of children who appeared to develop some sort of disability or condition after certain vaccine occulations. one common term used by many parents would be it as if the lights went out. Interestingly in in 2001 Thimersol was taken out of a lot of vaccines in the USA, many mainstream research will state there is no relation to thimerosal or thimersol to autism or other medical conditions, just like vaccines. Although the package inserts in many vaccines’s in the staes will include a very long list of symptoms and conditions that may develop as an adverse reaction to the vaccine many being neurological, many permanent disabilities.

The World Health Organisation’s View On Mercury

Now it is interesting even the World Health Organisation recognise Mercury is in one of the top 10 chemicals that causes harm but it is still being used all over the world in so many products and vaccines.


Arsenic Poisoning

Arsenic is another major chemical that causes neurotoxicity. Arsenic toxicity in its man made form is used in agriculture, manufacturing and mining. But arsenic poisioning has also been found in water through contaminates in the ground.

Lead Poisioning

Lead toxicity often comes from tap water in homes that have lead pipes, paint, and dust chips from old toys, furniture, and certain hobby materials. If you suspect you may have lead pipes consider using a water filter than can filter out lead and other toxins. I have a water filter.

Polychlorinated Biphenyls PCB’s

PCB’s are a group of man-made chemicals used to make many different products in the world today, such as adhesives, coatings and paints, electrical products, inks. Although “PCBs tend not to evaporate or to dissolve easily in water. However, they are very soluble in fat and similar substances, which explains why PCBs can build up in animal fat and along the food chain.” Humans mostly get exposed to PCB’s through chicken, fish, and meat and low levels in water.

The neurotoxicity of polychlorinated biphenyls: Once in the digestive system PCB’s pass the cell membrane and are found in the brain, blood, liver, lymph glands and skin.

Neurotoxicity And Stress On The Central Nervous System

The problem with Neurotoxicity is not just the direct damage it has on the Central Nervous System but the biological stress it puts on the rest of the body especially the chronic inflammation. As someone with a compromised central nervous system, I am perfectly aware and have experienced how this can make me much more vulnerable to not just other physical. mental and emotional stressors but it makes the body hypersensitive.

Neurotoxicity, Fatty Liver and Detoxification

Now the reality is that toxicity issues, often go hand and hand with a sluggish liver, and the inability to detoxify effectively, just look at what PCBSs do to the lymph system. This can seriously impair not just the detoxification process, but hormones and the immune system. Research shows that mercury can play a big part in infectious diseases and the immune system .

Over the years I tried many chelation programs and nutritional programs even those suggested by a holistic medical Dr led me to further issues. I asked one dentist to remove all of my amalgam fillings in my twenties. But I didn’t realise that removing mercury can just be as harmful. It makes you wonder why on earth amalgam has been used for so long.

Now I have to add to this, that I am not going to claim that all my symptoms were caused by mercury. Because I did have some viral infection around the same time I had the mercury poisoning. Also at only 14 years of age, I had some sort of insect bites that left my legs so and ankles so swollen I couldn’t go to school for over a week.

Interestingly after becoming severely housebound due to severe hyperacusis, Parkinson-type tremors, violent muscle spasms, non-epileptic seizures and so many other neurological complications over 6 years ago. I was shocked to find out that over 130 symptoms I had experienced were seen in late-stage Lyme disease and co-infections. Basically, bacteria that causes neurotoxicity and many other complications in the body.

Interestingly, I found out that when you combine bacteria with something like mercury poisoning and a virus that causes a post-viral type illness well you have quite a lethal combination. The reality is being exposed to viruses and some sorts of bacteria is a natural everyday thing our body is designed to fight. But Is our body supposed to be exposed to so many manmade chemicals and toxins? NO, I don’t think so.

Living In A Toxic World

The reality is we live in a very toxic world and most people today have no idea how toxic their homes, their skincare products, and even the food they consume are. Never mind how toxic amalgam fillings or certain medical procedures are that use radioactive material.

My journey helped not just raise my awareness around toxicity, it helped me realise how important it is to take self-responsibility as much as you can over your health. It taught me to become knowledgeable, to not be scared to ask questions or even challenge doctors. In many ways thank god I did, for so many reasons. Because doctors are only human, they may have a wealth of experience and knowledge but don’t know everything.

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The Importance of Managing Your Stress

My story also helped me recognise in my work in Stress Management that stress doesn’t just come from mental and emotional stress. But today there is a great deal of biological stress in the body from the toxins we consume, ingest, inject or are in our surroundings.

It helped me realise how important it is for those suffering from neurotoxic issues to manage their stress levels and anxiety issues. The importance of relaxation and the powerful benefits of relaxation therapy, meditation, and stress management strategies. And the benefits of many holistic approaches to support the mind, body, and emotions.

There is a lot of medical research that suggests neurotoxicity plays a big part in many diseases that impact the brain. Such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons, M.S.,


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