Why Relaxation Training for Health Education and Charity Sectors is a cost-effective and highly sustainable investment.


There are many benefits of relaxation training for health education and charity sector.

Relaxation Training is one of the most powerful and cost-effective forms of stress management for all ages and sectors. The main reasons for Relaxation Training for health organisations and charity sectors. For charity and support organisations that deal with vulnerable, anxious or highly stressed out service users, staff and employees. Relaxation therapy training for key staff or trainers is an extremely worthwhile investment and cost-effective way to help manage people’s stress, reduce further mental and physical dis-ease.

relaxation training for health educationReasons Relaxation Training For Health and Wellbeing Is A Healthy Investment

Relaxation therapy teaches students and clients highly effective, Stress Management, Meditation and Relaxation Skills that can be taught to clients, service users individually and in large groups.

We all know how much STRESS affects health, mental well-being, relationships, finances and more….

Training staff as Relaxation Teachers / Relaxation Therapists free’s up resources, reduces absenteeism and further costs related to workplace stress.

Relaxation Training for health and wellbeing organisations does not just reduce service users stress but can be used as a resource to help reduce employees and staff’s STRESS.

Relaxation Therapist Training can also be used to help increase financial sustainability within the charity. With a trained Relaxation Therapist in your team, you can support staff, support clients and hire out your services to other organisations and bring well-needed revenue to your organisation.

Our professional accredited online relaxation therapist training which includes online live sessions equips staff with the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to help clients and service users reduce and manage their stress effectively and safely. You can now be confident your staff member is fully qualified with the skills to do the job safely and effectively.

The training includes both the necessary foundation course Level 1 & 2 to Become a Qualified Relaxation Therapist it involves approx 120 hours home study, self-practice.

Level 1- Introduction to Relaxation Therapy for Self Use is designed to help the individual master the necessary skills before becoming a therapist or teacher. We believe you have to practice what you preach and want to ensure every students apply the fundamentals to their own life.

Level 2- Become a Relaxation Therapist Training teaches you how to teach others safely and effectively, maintain ethical guidelines and so much more. We also know offer over £300 worth of free marketing courses for those who want to be self-employed.

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Stress Coach Training an approved training school by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine it was originally established as a holistic well-being service in 2000 as The World of Health by Eileen Burns. Eileen specialised in provided classes and training to local education, health and charity sectors in Lanarkshire, Scotland for over 14 years.

The  Relaxation Therapy Training Programme has been written by Eileen Burns who is a highly experienced and qualified Stress Management Expert, Meditation Teacher, Healer, Therapist who has been studying meditation and stress management disciplines for approx 25 years. A full ISMA eileen ensures clear guidelines, ethics and professional boundaries in all training.




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