Chronic Pain can seriously affect our quality of life and seriously affect our general health and well-being.

Pain affects our sleep, our energy, concentration, emotions it increases muscular tension, it increases FEAR, FRUSTRATION which causes the body to constantly fall into FIGHT or FLIGHT response. It can also to ANXIETY, worry, di-stress.

Learning to Manage your Stress can actually help reduce pain, inflammation and emotional lability, depression. STRESS seriously affects the bodies harmony, when our body is out of balance and believes it is in danger it produces STRESS hormones such as ADRENALIN and CORTISOL which are fine in short appropriate bursts.

But over the long-term can seriously affect the bodies chemistry that is why conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, M.E., MS, psoriasis, lupus are seriously worsened over periods of stress.

It is vital to teach the body to move from the STRESS RESPONSE to the RELAXED RESPONSE so the body can HEAL, REPAIR and RESTORE any damage, any imbalance.

But what most of us do when we are in pain or chronically unwell we tried to fight against, try to make our body do things, when it needs REST or RELAXATION. We basically don’t listen to what our bodies tell us.

STRESS Reduction doesn’t have to be difficult, one of the most powerful stress management skills is simply BE in the MOMENT, bringing your awareness to the here and now not the tomorrows or yesterdays.


Eileen Burns has lived with M.E. and other serious health challenges for 25 years she has been studying healing, stress management and holistic wellbeing for over 25 years. She offers Stress Reduction Support Programmes for those Suffering with Chronic Pain or Chronic Health Challenges. She also has a free facebook group which offers tips and support Click Here to JOIN

Eileen Burns is a Stress Management Expert and Consultant, Healer, Coach and Therapist based in Lanarkshire, Scotland UK. She provides online sessions and programmes including training online and in Scotland from her Stress Coach Training School.

Stress Course For Health Challenges

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