Teaching Is More Empowering Than Healing

As Therapist, Healers we naturally want to help our clients and students in whatever way we can. But it is important to recognise when we are actually taking our clients power away.

Why teaching is more empowering than healing, why many energy healers can do more harm than good. Why teaching clients how to self-heal is the most empowering thing you can do for any client or student.

When you are a compassionate healer you often want to take away your client’s pain and suffering. But this isn’t always possible and not always completely the right thing to do. As healers we are there to hold a safe space but to empower and support that person on their journey. Not fix everything for them.

Most of us in some way are the source of our own pain, we all need help and even some guidance at times. But if we don’t help clients take as much self-responsibilty as possible, they do not grow. They can also become to reliant on the healer, the therapist, the enabler. And will continue to have the same issues over and over again. Especially if they are not very self-aware, can’t see or understand what is going on.

We all have different challenges and it doesn’t matter if the source of our challenge is mental, physical, emotional or even spiritual. We all need to learn to empower ourself and heal as much as we can.So you have to know when to give back the responsibility to the client. Especially when our ego gets in the way, in whatever shape or form.

If you are a wounded healer, a fixer, carer, nurturer, you need to be more self-aware of your motivating factors, your need or desire to be life’s fixer. Start to notice when your are supporting empowering or when your actually becoming a habit, an aid that is disempowering or enabling unhealthy habits.

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Why I Became More Of A Teacher Than Healer

In my own journey I suffered very rare and complex health conditions from as early as an infant. In my late teens my health challenges started to impact my daily life. Soon I was introduced to reiki and although it was hugely healing, enlightening and in many ways inspiring.

My reiki journey, my healing journey helped me realise more and more over the years that healing disciplines were just one part of the healing jigsaw. That true deep healing came more from our inner workings, our self. And a healers job was not to be the constant healer or persons saviour. But to help them move along their own healing path.

I met many healers who just saw me as their cash cow, their regular source of income. And when I wasn’t making big leaps they never considerd helping me move along. They were not deliberately coming from a place of dis-service but of lack of awareness. The more highly evolved healers always taught me as much as they could. And would recommend others therapists, teachers and teachings to support me.

Being A Healer Is More Than Just Earning A Living

Being a healer is so much more than turning up to physical heal or hold a space for your client. It is meeting someone where they are and helping them move towards that next step. Thats why I try to give clients or students the tools, help teach them more awareness.  Give them access to many powerful life skills like anxiety and stress management skills, meditation skills. Tools that will help them daily on their life path. And on their road to self-healing, empowerment, and enoughness.

Why give a poor man a fish when you can give him a fishing rod?

No matter what sort of healer or therapist you are, you can help teach and empower clients in each session by giving them back their power. The most powerful healing masters will guide and support the client or student to help them understand that they are their own healer, that their healer is not their god, their fixer, nor master but someone sharing the path with them along the way. You are simply a guide towards healthier choices and deeper understanding of what they need to change.

This is the reason I loved to teach and empower clients to take as much self-responsibility, in whatever shape or form that comes in. Lucky for me I was fortunate enough to train in many highly effective relaxation therapy techniques that I could teach to even the most vulnerable clients, including serious addiction.

As a highly experienced meditation teacher and stress coach to all ages, I came to witness and understand how much simple highly effective meditation techniques. When applied moment to moment can have dramatic impacts in people’s happiness, health, well-being and general peace of mind.

I see how the education and teaching of various stress management and relaxation techniques can help one start to be at one with their own body. It is surprising how many people have no body awareness, they are so shut off from their physical body, they spend most of their time locked in the chaos of the disillusioned mental body. How remarkably better they feel after becoming more grounded, relaxed, peaceful by a spiritual master, no a highly effective relaxation teacher or therapist 🙂

This blog was updated 2nd Nov 2019

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