7 Signs Of Denial Syndrome, the unhealthy coping system we use to avoid anxiety, avoid painful emotions or shocking truths. Why denial syndrome is such a common problem today and why it doesn’t serve us in the longrun.

Denial is in many ways a coping tool we all use and in-fact it is a normal part of the grief cycle but it is also an unhealthy and self-sabotaging strategy we use to deny unexpected or unwanted painful news. The modern human psyche looks for not just a way to process and cope with that information. But in the modern world we have conditioned our self to seek pleasure than face our pain.

If the information appears to be too painful, traumatic or shocking the human psyche looks for a way to deal with it or deny it. And although, we all experience denial in some form, denial syndrome is becoming an increasing issue that leads to all sorts of mental, emotional and even physical health issues.

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7 Signs Of Denial Syndrome

  1. Emotionally Detached – So emotionally detached you feel nothing, have an unhealthy or inappropriate response to difficult situations.
  2. Reluctant To Discuss A Certain Issue – Is very reluctant to talk about a certain issue, wants to do anything to avoid discussing, exploring or having to share anything that may accept a certain possibility of truth of a situation.
  3. Deflection – Deflects or gaslighting where someone wont accept they made a mistake commonly seen in narcisstic and addictive behaviour.
  4. Rationalisation – Try’s to rationalise a situation, uses unhealthy objectivity to make a certain situation, behaviour seem more acceptable or more palatable.
  5. Looks Through Rose Tinted Glasses – Chooses to look at the world through rose tinted glasses to avoid, deny all forms of emotional pain and suffering.
  6. Uses Same Argument – Uses same argument with no objectivity or willing to look at other evidence or view.
  7. Blaming Others – Blaming others for present situation, blames other for their choices, their denial etc.

Denial Syndrome And Your Health

As you can see above Denial Syndrome leads to all sorts of unhealthy self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour it can lead the individual towards a variety of unhealthy self-soothing strategies that impact their mental, emotional and physical health.

We just need to look at what has went on the last few years and see how many people seem to become very shut off from their emotions, turn to all sorts of addictions and self-medicating to dull down their emotions. Mental health issues has increased dramatically especially in the young who like the whole world were told what to do, what to think, what to believe even feel.

For too many this led to emotional lockdown, deep emotional suppression. But know as tiny bits of information is now being dripped very slowly and gently to the mainstream. Information not allowed to be shown, completely censored from the mainstream media and social media that most people watch or listen to.

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Denial, Distraction In The Media

Many are struggling with Denial and Distraction Syndrome because the modern world has been built to distract us, just look around at our main form of entertainment for nearly 100 years the T.V. Box. A little box we use to distract ourselves from the reality of life. A little box that captures our mind and emotions and has all sort of influencing capacity that triggers to make all sorts of purchases like the car we drive, the food or confectionery we buy at the supermarket.

As someone who teaches marketing to coaches and healers I can tell you TV and Social Media is a form of psychological warfare. Billions are spent on influencing us psychologically on what to think, what to buy, who to vote for, what programs to watch. Billions are spent on helping to convince you certain companies genuinely care for you. For example an article in 2019 by the American Psychological Association showed that $29.9 Billion is spent in Medical Marketing. That is a lot of money, time and energy designed to convince you, your doctors, your medical boards what to buy.

The facts are every single day we are being hypnotised what to feel or what not to feel, we are being distracted by advertising, films, information and other forms of media that wants to distract us from the present moment. That wants to take our attention to often a false reality, promises your life will suddenly change if you buy that next car, or that you will suddenly look and feel a million dollars when you buy that perfume or latest lipstick.


Moving Towards A State Of Acceptance

The problem with distractions is reality comes knocking on our door in all sorts of way. The more we try and hide from our inner reality, we make it harder for ourselves. The longer we suppress certain emotions especially fear the more it weakens our mental, emotional and physical health. And the longer we sit in denial the bigger the blow is when we have no choice to face what is happening in the here and now.


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