Simple Self Soothing Techniques To De-Stress yourself during a crisis, anxiety, or stress. Some of the most common health and unhealthy self-soothing habits. Why do so many of us self-soothe through our addictions?

What Is Self Soothing?

Self Soothing is certain actions or steps we take that help calm us down when we are feeling anxious or stressed. We all establish self soothing habits from infanthood. Some self-soothing habits are more healthy than others in fact most of us have more than a few unhealthy self-soothing habits. That is why it is helpful to learn more healthy self-soothing techniques.

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Common Unhealthy Self Soothing Habits And Self Soothing Techniques

Alcohol: Many people use alcohol as a way to self-soothe. Basically,

help them relax, help them unwind, and help them feel more sociable.

Comfort Eating: Food is a common way we self-soothe, a lot of us comfort eat or overeat when we are stressed or anxious. Certain foods can give us a quick boost of dopamine and serotonin, eating diverts our attention and we unconsciously associate food with nice events.

Keeping Busy: Keeping busy, and keeping distracted is another way many people self-soothe. Now it’s never a good idea to focus on our anxiety or stress. But constant busyness is an easy way to deny, resist and not face what is going on around you but even more importantly within you.

Drugs, Smoking: Smoking is another self-soothing addiction alongside many prescription and recreational drugs. These are unhealthy self-soothing habits that people form when they haven’t learned or struggle to form healthy self-soothing habits. Many drugs are used to block out those emotional pain, triggers that we haven’t resolved or healed.

T.V. and Social Media: Binging on TV, and constantly scrolling through Facebook, or Instagram is another form of distraction, trying to keep the mind busy is one of the unhealthiest ways to self-soothe. A busy mind causes increases anxiety and stress.

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5 Simple Self Soothing Techniques

The 5 Simple Soothing Techniques and Habits I suggest are aimed at our 5 senses. In the modern world, our senses tend to get very overstimulated. So if you want to self-soothe29 aim to relax all of your senses.

Soothing Smells: We so underestimate the power of smells and the therapeutic benefits of many scents. You will know what scents you like but some scents that are deeply calming and relaxing are the smell of the sea salt air or the countryside. Scents stimulate the olfactory tract of the brain, some scents are calm, relaxing, grounding, and uplifting. Essential oils such as Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Lavender have very calming and self-soothing properties.

Simple Self Soothing Techniques To Relax During A Crisis

Soothing Touch: Self-touch, gentle strokes on your face, your head, down your arms, and legs are a form of self-soothing. Also, tactile hobbies can be very relaxing. That is why self-massage using aromatherapy oils is such an effective combination. Havening uses simple, easy-to-use self-soothing tools that don’t just help you relax, and unwind but can help heal trauma.

Soothing Sounds: Make sure you include in your day or at bedtime, some self-soothing sounds like the sounds of the waves, some relaxing music, or some people prefer Binaural Beat Sound Tracks those in the 1-4 Hz are linked to deep relaxation and deep sleep, 4 to 8Hz is helpful to reduce anxiety, relaxation, encourage more creative and meditative states.

Soothing Tastes: Mindfully drink a cup of warm herbal tea or a warm cup of healthy cacao without refined sugar 29(a great alternative to hot chocolate, check this recipe out). A plate of fresh fruit can be also extremely self-soothing for those of you who have a very sweet tooth, there are many great alternatives to sugar that can be tasty and healthy.

Soothing Visuals: Look at something you find calming. Stunning Views can be extremely relaxing, make time to see the world outside, and check out some of the most beautiful places in the world. Check out some beautiful places on youtube just seeing these beautiful places will help you feel calmer, and more relaxed. Spend some time just viewing the scenery in your garden, the local park, river, lake, or beach.

As you can see these are very simple and easy self-soothing techniques that you can incorporate into your daily routine. The more you start to implement these easy and simple self-soothing techniques into your day they6 become a healthy habit.

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