Mental Health Awareness Week is about raising awareness and understanding around mental health. According to the World Health Organisation, 1-4 in people suffer mental health issues in their life. Mental health issues include a wide range of mental health challenges which include

Just one of the reasons why Mental Health Awareness Week is so important. And one of the reasons why I have been helping others with their mental health issues for over 20 years especially those suffering from Chronic Anxiety, Stress and PTSD.

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Why Mental Health Awareness Week Is So Important

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Mental Health Awareness Week is extremely important for many reasons. But one big reason is the fact that for too long mental health was a taboo topic. A very serious but common issue in society and life that was not openly discussed . An every day dis-ease and disease where a lot of mis-understanding and shame lay.

That is why sadly so many mental health sufferers in the past have faced so many different forms of neglect and discrimination. As humans we tend to fear or mis-judge things we do not fully understand or things we are scared of. For too long ignorance and fear in society has made it much more difficult to talk about their mental health challenges.

We need to encourage our friends, family, children, parents to have the freedom, courage to talk freely about their mental health.

Your mental wellbeing is as important as your physical wellbeing.

This Years Mental Health Awareness Week Theme

Every year a topic or theme is chosen to be highlighted as part of Mental Health Awareness Week this year it is about Nature Nature is not only one natural healing, it is deeply grounding and centring. We forget that nature is an innate part of being a human being. Being in nature, doing more activities in nature should be part of our daily and weekly self-care as much as possible.

Expert Tips To Increase Your Mental Health

Know you are enough just as you are. We live in a distorted- society that hypnotises us into believing we have to do this, that, have this, that, look like this, be like that, be like this, have a title…When at our core we all are enough we are so much more than enough.

Be Yourself. The healthiest way to be is to be yourself, to do that you need to start to recognise what your not. Again our conditioning creates a lot of distortion of who we are and who are not. You are unique, you have your very own unique essence that you are here to share. You are not here to be like your mother, dad, brother, cousin, friend. You are here to be you that is why no 1 is so important. mental health awareness tips to improve mental wellbeing

Learn How To Relax. The ability to relax and relax deeply is so underrated but is so important for mental health. Most mental health issues are increased or triggered by chronic anxiety or stress. The ability to relax and get into the relaxation response is necessary to counteract against stress and the stress response. That is why Relaxation Therapy is so effective at reducing and helping to manage a variety of mental health issues.

Meditate. The ability to meditate is a powerful life skill but depending on what type of mental health issue you have some types of meditation are more safe and effective than others. As a meditation teacher and stress expert, I suggest you try this powerful less than 5-minute anxiety and stress-busting meditation. Fast, effective and great for those who normally struggle to meditate

Cut Out StimulantsStimulants are so damaging for our mental health caffeine, sugar, nicotine, things like aspartame that are in energy drinks can cause a variety of issues in our mental and physical health.

Reduce Toxins – We tend to forget how much toxins we are exposed to in our food, even in cosmetics, skincare, some of our homes, and the environment. When possible eat organic food to reduce environmental toxins.

Flood Your Diet With Nutrient-Packed Food. Healthy Nutrients don’t just directly impact our physical health but support good gut health and good mental health. More and more evidence is demonstrating that a wide and healthy diet can help prevent, reduce and manage a variety of different mental health issues including anxiety, depression, ADHD, dementia

Daily Exercise Daily exercise is an important part of helping encourage not just a boost in happy hormones but helps encourage good Qi, good energy flow through the body. This helps improve a general sense of wellbeing reduces sluggishness and apathy which can often be a big problem in depression and other mental health issues.

Have Some Fun – Make fun part of your daily and weekly routine. We tend to take life too seriously, make things harder for ourselves. Make sure you make time for some fun, hobbies and activities that ignite passion and encourage relaxation/

Daily Self-Care – Daily self-care is so important on so many levels it’s not just important to take care of us, respect and love ourselves but to spend more time with the self that deepest aspect of us that never changes. That is why meditation is so powerful it helps us get out of our monkey thoughts and connect with the deeper part of us.

Daily Gratitude – The ability to be grateful and show appreciation for what we do have is a great way to improve our mental wellbeing. It helps us see how many blessings we do have no matter how challenging our present situation appears to be.

Self-Kindness – One of the biggest steps to self love, self esteem and self-care is self-kindness. We can be so harsh on ourself, we can be so self-critical. Start showing yourself the same kindness you would give a friend.

Get Into Nature: Surround yourself with nature, get some nice plants for the home, office. Get outside each day for a week, get close to nature, trees, greenery as much as possible. It is deeply therapeutic, relaxing, grounding, part of our innate being.

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