Small Business Stress – How To Reduce Stress In Your Business

How to reduce small business stress and self-employment stress if you are a coach, healer or therapist. How to make self-employment or managing your small business less stressful in the short-term and long-term.

Self-Employment And Small Business Stress

Anyone who is self-employed or who runs a small business knows how stressful running your own business can be. Small businesses often have a variety of different challenges and risks that larger organisations and corporations don’t have.

If you are a self-employed coach, healer, or therapist, or a solopreneur where all the decisions and pressures go to you, no one else. Struggling to survive is one of the biggest challenges small businesses face, in-fact only 42% of any micro-businesses seem to make it to their fifth year. The rate of survival of many coaching and healing businesses is even lower. Mostly due to poor business and marketing skills or burnout.

Holistic Business Success Program For Coaches, TherapistsSmall Business Stress And Work Absenteeism

Stress at work can be one of the biggest causes of poor decision making and poor performance so Stress Risk Assessment is helpful. Stress is also one of the biggest causes of work absenteeism. Personal sickness or absenteeism can be a disaster for the self-employed or small business owner.

That is why it is important for small businesses or anyone who is self-employed to find healthy ways to reduce both personal and small business stress. The more stress-resilient you and your staff are the more likely you are to thrive than just survive.

How To Reduce Small Business Stress If You Are A Coach, Therapist, Healer

7 Ways To Reduce Small Business Stress

Create A Yearly Business Plan:

Create a yearly business and marketing plan, have a focus, a plan a strategy. Running a small business often depends on you and your employees having to focus on a variety of skills and roles. The clearer you are on your business and marketing focus each year the less likely you are to lose focus on what’s vital and important. Creating a healthy honest business plan can also help you see what areas of your business you can and should be hiring help or delegating to contractors such as Accountant, Virtual Assistant, Website Manager. Or what areas of your business or marketing you need extra help, coaching or mentoring on.

Create Operational Manuals For Your Business:

Creating operational manuals or operational videos for different tasks is a great way to reduce small business stress. Operational manuals or videos make things a lot easier for not just employees, temporary staff during absenteeism but yourself if you have to multi-task. These are great ways to remind you how to do certain tasks in the most simple and effective way. Taking the time at the beginning stages of your business to create operational manuals will save a lot of time, energy and money in the long-run.

Automate Your Business:

Automate as much of your small business as you can. As someone who runs a self-employed business with a variety of chronic and rare health challenges. I know how valuable automated emails and sales funnels are in certain areas of my business. See below for a fantastic platform where you can get create free landing pages and sales funnels.

Create A Passive Income Stream:

Create passive income streams, creating some sort of passive income stream in your business can be a bit of a financial buffer through slow times, challenging times, unexpected times. It has never been easier for businesses to create different passive income streams like selling digital ebooks, online self-study courses. If you are a healer or therapist you may want to sell meditations. I use New Zenler a fantastic online platform to sell many of my digital and self-study courses. The free version of New Zenler means you can start selling right away without having to spend a fortune on a digital or course platform.


Easy Meditation Technique For all agesManage Your Own Stress:

Learning how to reduce, manage your own stress, become more stress-resilient is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your business. The more calm and relaxed you can be the easier it will be to deal with everyday and unexpected stress. If you are a coach, healer, or therapist it’s vital that you are calm, relaxed, and confident for your clients our Relaxation Therapy teaches you a wide range of stress management tools and techniques you can teach your clients as well as helping you master your own stress. While our Stress Management 101 is a great foundational stress course for HR, Management, or Self-Employed. We know have an Accredited Stress Management Practitioner Training.

Take Breaks And Holiday Breaks:

Taking breaks, tea breaks, lunch breaks, and holiday breaks are an important aspects of remaining mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy. So it is vital to encourage all employees to take their staff break. Small breaks at work, away from tasks, away from desks or computers move the body off the stress response more into the calm and relaxed response. The inability to switch off and relax is a major cause of stress and burnout. So taking lunch and tea breaks is vital to help reduce work and small business stress.

Work Stress Risk Assessment:

Doing regular stress risk assessments at work, including stress management awareness training can help minimise stress at work for yourself and your employees. There are a variety of things that can cause increased stress risk at work, this can include the demand or expectation of certain roles, change, management style, employee relationships, level of support, quality of workplace equipment, and environment.


Less than 5 Minute Meditation Technique



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