Learn Why Fear Disables Your Ability To Think Clearly, Disables Your Intuition, And Your Ability To Critically Think. Why Fear, Stress, and Anxiety can dis-empower, even control and manipulate us.

Why Fear can hi-jack our mind, body, emotions, and sixth sense? Trigger a tremendous amount of panic, anxiety, and even trauma in situations that are in no way physically threatening. Why is creating FEAR one way that can persuade people to do things they wouldn’t normally do or cause someone to give their power over to someone else.

So What Is Fear?

Fear is our physical, mental, and emotional response to a real or imagined threat of harm, either physically, mentally, emotionally, or even spiritually. Now in many ways, FEAR is an innate response, a primitive survival response to danger. FEAR can be in many ways very disabling it can cause us to Freeze, Fight, or Flight.

Sometimes FEAR can cause us to shut down not just mentally and emotionally but physically. That is why FEAR stops us from thinking clearly, behaving healthily. It can cause us to react or respond in healthy or unhealthy ways.

But a lot of the FEAR we experience in our day-to-day life is what we regard as F.E.A.R False Evidence Appearing Real. Because in society today we are deeply influenced by not just our beliefs and conditioning, our family and peers but very much the media.

The FEAR and negative influence our media and social media have on us and our children are deeply concerning. Most people today are so busy or so distracted and engulfed in their own anxiety and stress they are not even aware of how much media is influencing their thoughts and behaviours.

FEAR is a very primitive response that overrides not just the rational mind but it can disable us from other internal resources and life skills. It can distort our inner navigation system. Those senses and skills that help us to decipher truth from fact, those senses that help us actually sense when something is not what it may appear. And those skills that help us become a more critical thinker, help us question what we are being told or shown.

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FEAR, Negativity and The Media

If you watch the daily news, TV and spend hours in a week scrolling through social media you are exposing yourself to a lot of unconscious negative imprinting. You are being influenced and in some ways conditioned by what you watch and what you read.

You only need to step back and observe the words, the images, the repetition, set-up scenes, and marketing used by the news, TV Channels that are used to instill FEAR. It is interesting how much negativity, or bias is projected onto us. And the more exhausted or passive you are when watching or reading this information the deeper it goes into your subconscious without you even noticing it.

The facts are Media, TV, Films know how to hook us mentally, physically, and emotionally. In many ways that is what good TV and good filmmaking are all about. It is all psychology, mind psychology and yes in-fact mind programming, media psychology, marketing psychology, political psychology is big business. You just need to look at advertising to see how much psychology goes into helping you buy that phone, that bed, that holiday.

But if we look at things more closely instilling FEAR instilling negativity through certain media is a huge imbalance of power, it is very much about manipulation and control. Because most people are sitting on the sofa watching TV and are passively allowing someone to unconsciously imprint on their mind. Any good psychologist worth their salt will tell you that.

We know that for years certain countries with a strong reputation for dictatorship have certain censorship with their media. They only let their citizens see media they have influence and control over. That is so their citizens are more likely to think like them. Less likely to independent thinkers, less likely to make their own choices, trust their own intuition and inner guidance, value and honor their own sovereignty.

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Why FEAR Overtakes Our Intuition

That is why FEAR and negative propaganda starts to disempower and disable a person’s natural ability to critically think, to tap into their own inner wisdom, their personal inner navigation system. We live in a society where in many ways governments, large corporations and even a medical system that is based on handing over your power to someone else who thinks they know best.

The more time someone spends in the Fight Or Flight Response, the FEAR or Stress Response it is much more difficult for them to not just tap directly into their inner guidance system. Fear creates confusion, creates chaos, fear chips away at a person’s ability to feel empowered to trust themself.

I learned a very valuable lesson over and over again in my life about not giving my power over to others. Especially when my inner guidance, my intuition was shouting screaming inside especially around my health.

Now I put some of that down to being highly intuitive and highly empathic. But also I am someone who has studied meditation and holistic wellbeing for 30 years. I have learned to be more open but not as attached to a certain way of thinking. Meditation helps you loosen an attachment to certain identities and beliefs and conditioning.

I had health challenges from a young age but for whatever reason my intuition was very developed and evolved compared to most people around me.

As a child, I was very fearful, but I was also highly empathic and let others disempower me. But I learned as an adult to be more a witness to how others will try and control, manipulate you, convince you of what is right for you. But rarely actually do know what is right for you. And it is something that we need to start teaching ourselves and kids from a young age. We need to develop more self-trust and inner guidance.

Because we have created a society where people are so disconnected from themselves from their own gifts, their own sovereignty even their own spiritual guidance. We are encouraged to take advice, even or power over to people that in many ways have their own agenda. And are not totally doing it for the purest reasons, but for egoic reasons, status, power, control, influence or their own fear.

Do You Let Fear Control Your Life?

Are you letting fear control your thinking? Are you letting FEAR disable your inner navigation system? Are you allowing other people’s FEAR to stop you from being able to think clearly or even be more of a critical thinker? Is FEAR stopping you make the healthiest decisions for you and your family?

FEAR keeps us small, FEAR stops us from looking at the things we need to look at. FEAR can stop us from owning our courage, owning our strength even owning our vulnerability.

FEAR comes from distorted beliefs, distorted conditioning and disempowering stories we are told or continue to tell ourselves.

The Power Of Your Intuition

Your intuition is a very powerful gift that can help us in so many areas of our life. But most people only use a tiny fraction of their intuition, their inner navigation system each day. Because of not just FEAR, Stress, and Anxiety but rather distracted, busy, and cluttered mind. A mind that places most of its focus on its distortions and fears.

When we give too much power over to the mind, or even to what we just see or hear, we miss out on the other senses and gifts that give us a bigger and wider perspective. Especially to what our body is telling us because that can be our biggest navigation that something isn’t right. If we just trust everything we see and hear on TV, Social Media, or News we are giving our power away to another person’s projection, view, or story.

It is so important than ever for us to tap into our inner guidance to nurture and develop our intuition and more importantly know it is okay to challenge things and question things.

We are all sovereign beings we all have to find and follow our own truth, our own wisdom, we can only do that by being more open and able to stay in our own power. One of the best ways to start taking your power back is by learning how to meditate and be less distracted by the mind, by the ego by those fearful , negative thoughts that are destroying inner peace. Those fearful projections that are disconnecting your from your inner wisdom and even higher truth.

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