How To Quieten The Mind In The Middle Of Chaos, In The Middle Of A Storm? How do you find your center, feel more grounded when it is so easy to feel extremely overwhelmed, disempowered, or want to give up?

Sadly we are witnessing situations in so many countries around the world including Cuba, France, Germany, South Africa‚Ķ where there is so much chaos, different types of chaos, and destruction. Many people at the moment are living through very extreme circumstances which are seriously threatening their life and wellbeing on so many levels.

Situations that are being misrepresented in the mainstream media and social media, by governments who don’t want the rest of the world to know what is truly going on. A time of great manipulation, divisiveness, and misinformation that is created to cause divide, confusion, and chaos.

So how do you find your strength? How do you find more mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience in these situations? How do you start to take your power back in a much wiser way when you are in a very fearful, anxious, stressed, or angry state?

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Top Tips How To Quieten The Mind, Find Your Calm

Top tips to quieten the mind, find your calm, courage, and sovereignty during times of great challenges and chaos. During times like this, it can be extremely challenging, confusing, overwhelming, and exhausting but no matter what you experience in life, there are ways to quieten the mind, find your calm and sovereignty.

Breathe, when we are in a state of anxiety and stress our breathing, can become more shallow, some people hold their breath in times of shock and fear. Drop your shoulders and take a deep abdominal breath this helps us quieten the mind and feel more relaxed.

Get out of your head, stop getting caught in ruminative and fear-based thinking, one of the most effective ways to do that is to learn how to meditate, learn how to be still, how to be a witness, an observor to your thoughts. My 5 Meditation is highly effective for extreme anxiety, stress and during times of great challenges.

Get grounded, become aware of your physical body, if you can stomp your feet, feel your physical connection to the earth, and your surroundings. This helps us feel more secure and supported within our physical and energetic body.

Get back to basics in self-care, ensure you do what you can do to help yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Open your heart during times of fear it is so easy to shut down your heart, consciously open your heart, expand your heart, this helps raise your energy, our vibration and move out of fear. Place your hand on your heart, imagine you are going into the centre of your heart and you are opening your heart to more love, more energy, more solutions, more opportunities.

Be grateful for all of your blessings, feel gratitude for all your resources and gifts, your internal and external resources, your strengths, your abilities, and any resources that you have around you.

Practice relaxation techniques that will encourage your mind, body, and emotions off the stress response into the relaxation response. If you can practice these relaxation exercises daily you will be more physically and mentally resilient.

Ask for guidance, ask for courage, calm, and strength. Remember to get out of your monkey mind enough to be able to listen and hear that guidance, to be able to follow your inner compass.

Do what you are guided to do and can do and let go of those things you have no control of

It can be so easy to fall prey to the drama, the horrors, and the chaos of situations that you find yourself in. But it is important that we do what we can to quieten the mind, find our inner calm, and strength by moving out of the stress response into the relaxed response.

Want to experience more calm, more confidence, and courage?

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free anxiety busting course free stress management course