Research shows hobbies reduce stress and anxiety. Many hobbies are relaxing, encouraging a more balanced state of mind, body, and emotions.

Hobbies can also encourage greater creativity, bring passion back into your life. So although hobbies reduce stress and anxiety, why are they so undervalued?

In modern-day life, most of us including children are conditioned by busyness and distractions. A lot of this distraction is our addiction to modern technology. We have forgotten how to switch off, how to relax. We have lost how to simply be. Even children and teenagers are struggling to relax, struggling to just play.

Some of us have forgotten what it feels like to have a hobby or interest outside of work or family. More and more kids and teenagers are losing out in the art of healthy hobbies and activities. Due to a highly demanding school curriculum, homework, too much tv, internet, and social media. For many adults and young people, online technology is where anywhere most interests and activities being and end.

Why Childhood Hobbies Reduce Stress

why hobbies reduce stress and anxiety - relaxation therapist training - stress management training

Think back to your childhood what did you naturally love to do?

Maybe you loved just getting out in the fresh air? Loved just being active or free? The typical child who was found up a tree or out seeking new adventures?

Or maybe you loved designing your next creation; making a den, dolls dress, painting or drawing a beautiful picture?

Perhaps you were always learning, reading, playing or making music. Remember how enjoyable and relaxing these activities were? And could still be? Most of us as children,, found it easy to do things we loved, do things that were relaxing. Sadly with the age of technology children are more addicted and distracted than relaxed.

Today Listย 5 Things You Loved To Do As A Child.

Think about how you could bring that passion and fun back into your life. It doesn’t matter if you believe you aren’t very good at a hobby or not. Hobbies are all about the art of being, about just having fun. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or believes. It is about doing what you naturally love to do.

It is about creative expression and flow. It is about following your heart, igniting sparks of passion, inspiration, joy or even hope. Let’s take Einstein he was viewed as being mentally underdeveloped. Thomas Edison was classed as too stupid to learn anything and Walt Disney was once told that he wasn’t creative enough.

As a Stress Therapist, I encourage clients to take up old or new hobbies that reduce stress. Especially therapeutic hobbies that help clients relax, let go of their anxiety and stress. Relaxing hobbies encourage the mind, body, and emotions off the stress response into the relaxation response. In Life and Businessย hobbies can help get your creative spark going. Hobbies help us move away from the logical and ferocious stress state into a more creative free and peaceful state.

So, What Hobbies Reduce Stress?

Various types of hobbies reduce stress and increase inspiration. Forms of art therapy and creative expression in music, sound, and even physical activity can give suffer’s of anxiety, depression, stress and anger challenges a healthy outlet to release painful held on to emotions.

So no matter if you loved to read, write, cook, bake, play music, make music, sing, dance, run around, be in nature, no matter if your housebound or bed bound, try a new or old hobby, the most simple pleasures can become your greatest and healthiest passions.

Examples Of Fun, Relaxing Hobbies

Art, Baking, Bicycle Repairs, Cake Decorating, Cycling, Card Making, Claymaking, Craft Making, Crotcheting, Fishing, Hiking, Jewellery Making, Knitting, Macrame, Miniature Airplane Or Car Kits, Origami, Music, Painting, Pastels, Scrapbooks, Soap Making, Tapestry, Toy trains,

Helping Anxious And Busy Families Relax

The ability to relax is vital in coping with modern-day stress and anxiety. And one of the reasons more and more therapists and coaches are joining our training to become a Qualified Relaxation Teacher or Therapist.

Sadly not just adults but children of all ages are now struggling to relax, struggling to switch off. That is why in my Quiet Time for Quiet Families Program I include a range of relaxing activities the whole family can do to relax, this includes our famous 5 Minute Meditation, Simple Mindful Colouring-In Activities for young children to help you and your family de-stress.

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