Healthy Boundaries  for highly sensitive people are a must.

We all need strong boundaries to remain physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong. But this is something Highly Sensitive People and those who are natural caregivers, nurturers struggle with.

Most highly sensitive people HSP’s are so used to reading, feeling and putting others emotions first, that they don’t know what boundaries are. They are more likely to get burnt out, exhausted, stressed and even anxious.

As a highly sensitive person, an empath and a nurturer from as long as I can remember, I found it more natural to read and feel how everyone else was feeling than identifying my own needs. Like most sensitives I constantly struggled to put myself first from a very young age. Despite struggling with various health challenges since a late teenager and a healer for over 25 years. I only began to realise the full degree of how much my sensitivity and lack of boundaries affected my well-being most of my life over the last few years. It all began to make sense and explain why even when receiving healing or treatment from other therapists I would often pick up their stuff, their emotions, their pain.

healthy boundaries for highly sensitive people

It is important that all HSP’s, empaths including highly sensitive children take extra care of their energy, their health and well-being and that means very healthy clear and strict boundaries.

Tips to help you Create Healthy Boundaries For Highly Sensitive People

1.Make sure you take plenty Time Out for YOU to physically disconnect from other people. Sensitives get too easily tangled up in others peoples energy, other people’s emotional stuff. They are often energetically conditioning into taking on other’s baggage and worries.

2. It is important to ground regularly, to be in the physical body, not just in head, heart or spirit. Connecting with nature helps you to get back into your physical body and feel more balanced within you. Even adding some healthy plants to your home can help bring a bit of nature and earth to your home.

3.Learn how to REDUCE and Manage Your Stress

4.Learn how to RELAX properly, this helps you to SWITCH off from the hyper arousal state into the relaxed state, it encourages deeper sleep and rest, vital for the highly tuned sensitive.

5.Be in the MOMENT, not the past or future. The only place you need to be is here right now. Learn to Meditate. Meditation can help you move from your head,  Experience and be aware of the Self rather than every one else’s thoughts, feelings, ideas and challenges.

6. Avoid crowds, toxic or controlling people as much as you can. Take small breaks to disconnect from noisy and busy environments this will help reduce feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or over stimulated.

7. Avoid or reduce stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, aspartame, sugar, too much TV, computers, mobile phone and technology.

8.Learn to identify your feelings, your energy field separate from every one else’s.

9. Learn to say YES to yourself and your needs and no to others demands or wants. Learn to prioritise what is a need for you, what is important for your well-being not every one else’s.

10. Remember your most important role is to CARE and LOVE you first.


 If you are a highly sensitive person or have a highly sensitive child check out 
healthy boundaries for sensitives


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