How To Relax In 5 Minutes

How To Relax In 5 Minutes

Relaxation is such an important part of managing stress, anxiety and life’s daily challenges.
The more we learn to switch off and really relax, the more happier, healthier and balanced we become.
Although we should certainly take more than 5 minutes to relax throughout our day, there are quite a few things we can do that takes only 5 minutes.
Take a break from your desk, your household chores by sitting down with a warm cup of camomile or soothing herbal tea or a nice cool sugar free, caffeine free drink.
Take a short stroll, even a small walk around the garden or office in the fresh air, can help restore some balance some calm.
A few stretches, some yoga or tai chi can do wonders to help us unwind and relax tense and sore muscles.
Applying a relaxing blend of aromatherapy oils mixed into a carrier/massage oil and applied to the temples or pulse points can be extremely soothing and relaxing especially when feeling anxious or stressed.
And my favourite and most popular my less than 5 Minute Meditation, this simple meditation technique once practiced takes just over 4 minutes.

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