Learn how to build your therapy business on your skills, your gifts, your strengths. Learn how to build a business that works for you not against you.

How To Build Your Therapy Business On Your Gifts

We all know building a successful business has it’s challenges. Building a business as a therapist, coach or healer today has its own challenges. Especially trying to grow a business when there is so many coaches, healers and therapists offering what seems similar.

But the bigger problem usually is many therapists and coaches are struggling to pitch and build their business. Because

 1. Therapists are marketing their services like everyone else.
2. Therapists try to build a business like everyone else.

how to build your therapy business  on your gifts

How To Build Your Therapy Business On Your st

I find many therapists and students I work with are constantly compare them self to everyone else and try to emotionally, physically and mentally compete against everyone else. That they are not focusing or building a business on their strengths.

Many coaches and therapists don’t always design the type of business that will work for them. They are so focused on the training and courses they have done, that they design a business like those around them.

You need to design a business that works with you and for you, not against you. So don’t just focus on your therapist, healing or coaching skills but all the other skills you have.

Marketing Your Therapy Business On Your Strengths

So many therapist are not showing up like themself in their marketing. They are not focusing on their strengths in their business. They don’t realise, until pointed out that they are the main ingredient in their business.

You and being you is the key ingredient. So the essence of you, has to show up in your marketing. It has to show up in the services and products you offer it has to show up in your colours, your logo and branding. If not your marketing a business that is out of alignment with you.

What I Learned About Building A Business Around Me

I like you am a therapist, coach and healer who began studying holistic well being 25 years ago. Despite many health challenges that impacted greatly how many hours I could work and how much physical work I could undertake. I designed a holistic well-being business around myself, around no one else. I made lots  of costly mistakes but I also learnt very valuable ones and got to do what I loved.

One of the biggest advantages was in-fact my limitations, these were what made me adaptable and made me really focus on my uniqueness,  my strengths. I had very little financial resources like many therapists who start up but I had a lot of knowledge, training, motivation and  passion.

Everyone would ask me for advice on therapies, remedies, essentials oils… so I used my knowledge and great interest in holistic well being to start a health newsletter and scottish health directory for holistic practitioners. And a mail order business supplying holistic products internationally. While I built my physical strength up to build my work up as a therapist and stress management consultant.

I really wanted to teach other self-help therapy skills and soon found myself teaching local education and charity sectors, which became a large part of my natural niche and business for 15 years. Teaching in these areas was for me was a far more natural effective use of my gifts, energy and time.

What I Discovered About My Business And Marketing

What I discovered when studying archetypal and spiritual marketing was you need to highlight your personality traits in your marketing.

When you show up marketing your natural gifts, abilities and uniqueness you start attracting the right clients. You also start attracting all sort of opportunities including the right job opportunities.

Stop trying to create a business or marketing plan like someone else. You are always going to find someone more experienced, someone more this…more that..but there is no-one like YOU

What is YOUR Gifts? YOUR Uniqueness?

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