How To Say No To Mobile Phone Stress originally published 11th Sept 2014 updated 8th Oct 2020.

Is mobile phone stress, digital stress a big contributor to your stress? Signs you have symptoms of mobile phone stress or mobile digital device stress. Simple tips to start reducing mobile device and phone stress today.

Digital devices especially mobile digital devices such as mobile phones have become such an integral part of our daily life, daily habits that we don’t even consider how much stress or over-stimulation it is causing. Any digital device we spend a lot of time on or in direct or close contact doesn’t just impact us mentally and physically but emotionally and spiritually.

Mobile Device And Mobile Phone Stress

Although mobile phones are more than a handy invention, mobile phone stress is a major stressor of modern living. Mobile phone stress seriously affects our day to day well-being, our sanity, our personal, family, and work time. The very purpose of mobile devices of technology today actually encourages us to be constantly engaged even addicted to our devices. In some ways a slave to these devices. Especially when we see today how many apps, software is added to keep engagement. So much so that people today rarely unplug from their devices or switch them off even when they go to bed.

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Signs Of Mobile Phone Stress

I was discussing setting boundaries with a support group for parents & carers several years ago. When I pointed out, how we allow mobile phones to seriously invade our personal space and day to day life. Mobile phone stress used to be more paramount in young people, business owners, and high executives. The instant access and immediate mobile phone answering being a normal everyday habit, a very unhealthy one. But this is now applying to people of all ages and sectors even very young kids. As my mum would say they are all glued to their phones.

With things like Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook many young people, spend so much time on these devices they communicate and interact more with their phones through texting, messaging, and phoning than actual human to human direct interaction.

Sadly there is an emerging generation of young new parents especially young mums who are spending more time on their phones than quality time on themself or their family. And that is not even touching the very wide psychological issues that come with modern cultural manipulations that are encouraged on the social media platforms to portray a rather distorted perception of one’s life. Just look at the pouts, staged photography, many filters used to soften and hide those wrinkles on your photographs.

Common Signs Of Mobile Phone Stress

  • Carrying your mobile device everywhere, even in places where you shouldn’t need it; the bathroom at home. 
  • Never unplugging or switching your device off or in another room especially when you go to bed.
  • The habit of constantly checking your phone for messages
  • The habit of constantly scrolling through apps, social media
  • Can’t leave your phone at home when you’re taking time out for you or with the family


Mobile Phone Stress - Say No To Your Mobile Phone

Saying No To Mobile Phone Stress

I suggest saying NO to your mobile phone at set times of the day, specifically meal times, after a certain time at night, special occasions even lunch breaks. We all need to unplug, switch off from everything and everyone even if it is just for 5 minutes.

Even if you feel you can’t switch off your phone off for emergency reasons, think about how many calls you take daily, weekly that infringe on your daily routine, your family quiet, your me-time, or even worse your sleep time?

Constantly checking your Mobile Phone, including texting can often be a distraction from what is really going on in your life, even an addiction. One of the bigger problems with many mobile devices today is the fact they are Blu Ray. Blu ray digital devices can play havoc with the brain’s hormones and cause various health and sleep-related problems.

Why do you feel you have to answer every call or get back to them ASAP?

Mobile phones can seriously invade our personal space …

Mobile phone stress can seriously impact your health…

If we spent less time answering unnecessary calls, text…we would feel more peaceful, have more time, energy & focus on what really matters.

To experience less stress and more calm it is important to take time out and time to unplug from not just others but technology. But so many people struggle to just be, struggle to relax or stop to be in the moment. If switching off is something you struggle with, sign up for FREE 5 Days of Calm


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