Do You Know How To Be In The Moment, How To STOP?

How to really STOP,  how to be totally present in each moment, whenever and wherever you want?

Sadly today, we are so conditioned to focus on the future or dwell on the past, we are anywhere but in the moment. Our mind, our thoughts are often somewhere else. Anywhere but right here, right now. That is why we are so anxious and stressed.

We place so much importance on the future hoping the future will be better and that it will be more, more, more…or spend so much time worrying about our perceived mistakes in the past, we have one foot in the future, another in past. We don’t know how to be in the moment.

We fail to see all the beautiful gifts we are presented with right now. As we do anything to avoid the natural and necessary flow of life, the ups and downs, the dark, the light, the great times, and not so great times….

We stuff down or fight with what we don’t want to face or experience. And we fail to fully embrace the magic and power of now.

Learn How To Stop In The Moment, top mindfulness tip by Meditation Teacher and Stress Expert from Stress Coach Training

Why You Should STOP To Be In The Moment

When we can truly STOP and Be in the Moment, we allow life’s journey to flow, we allow each emotion, experience to arrive and leave. We let go of anxiety and stress, we become lighter, we no longer cling on to the past or rush forward in anticipation for the future. We are far more balanced, healthier and relaxed, as we don’t resist or fight with each situation as it presents itself.

 1. One of the easiest ways to Be In the Moment is to begin by learning how to meditate. The right style of meditation taught the right way can make a huge difference. Use more traditional forms of meditation than guided and when choosing a teacher. It is often wiser to choose someone who has been studying and practicing meditation for many years.
2. Start making meditation part of your daily practice, set times in your day for proper meditation. First thing in the morning is always the most effective and if you can early evening, not too late.
3. Use meditation to cultivate a deeper connection with the self, that aspect of you or state of presence that never changes. Look at as something you need to develop and grow like a relationship. This is not just a space you go looking for answers. This is your safe space or haven that takes you away from the egoic monkey mind that plays games with us on a daily basis, some respect it value it.
4. Use your meditation practice to cultivate more daily awareness. Learn to be the observer, the witness to your everyday thoughts and actions rather than the puppet or participant to the stories you tell yourself.
5. Learn to flow with life not against it by making meditation a moment to moment practice. Once you learn how to be in a state of meditation, a state of being, it is much easier to apply it to a moment to moment state of being.

In many ways, it is sad that most of us have forgotten how to be, forget how to stop or be still. When it is a very natural important element of our innate state. Is it surprising so many of us feel disconnected, unhappy, and lost.  I am so glad that I began studying meditation nearly 30 years ago. Even though I studied many different disciplines of meditation and taught meditation professionally to the health, education, and charity sector for over 15 years. It hasn’t been until later years that I truly began to grasp the deeper but in many ways more simple truth of what meditation means. There are so many misunderstandings and myths around meditation that hold people back not only learning meditation but maintaining that practice.

Meditation is a route into the self, that aspect of us that never changes. The art of meditation is not about stopping or thoughts, thoughts come and go. It is about supporting us to be detached from our thoughts, more a witness an observer to our thoughts. The more we meditate, the more space and distance we create between our thoughts.

The act of meditation is not to be mistaken for guided meditation, where you are entering a guided journey into an illusory place. But a road to the true self, away from the egoic monkey mind into the stillness, the peace where infinity dwells. Meditation helps us access where the true-self passes all distorted perceptions and simply is.

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