Just Be, Being in the Moment..

Do you know how to JUST BE ?

Be in the Moment or even Be MINDFUL ?

Here in the west, we are so focused and invested in doing and having…that many people don’t know where to begin in being still or how to BE, JUST BE in the moment.

A huge reason why more and more people are starting to meditate. And why Mindfulness Based Stress Reductions Programs have became very popular over the last 5 or so years.  But although these programs can be extremely helpful in stress management and certainly helps loosen off our deterring ‘ Monkey Mind’ with it’s obsession with the past and/or future.  

There are other so many very effective ways of increasing awareness and accessing stillness. One of the techniques I love to access stillness is Quantum Entrainment. It isn’t exactly a meditation technique but a tool that helps access stillness, can relieve pain and be used for so many other things.

Despite being a meditation teacher who has studied  a wide range of stress management, meditation and relaxation techniques well over 20 years. I only came to truly value how valuable  the  true meaning of just being is in my latter years. I feel so lucky to be able to access that deepest STILLNESS whenever I want.

It still surprises me, how accessing deep stillness even for a few brief seconds a few times during day, can have tremendous benefits. Helping us move from that place of control and resistance to a place of allowing and letting go.

For too long I saw the product of highly stressed clients who physiologically and mentally had completely forgotten how to relax never mind be still. Even the thought of switching off, stressed them out.

But learning how to be still or just be doesn’t have to be difficult or a huge challenge. And although I still include more traditional based meditation techniques in my courses I also use more modern tools to help clients access calm and peace, very quickly.

Learn to Meditate Today– Meditation Made Simple


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Hi I am Eileen Burns, stress-coach. I have been studying holistic welbeing, stress management, healing and meditation for over 20 years.I teach powerful meditation and life skills to help clients manage their stress, their life, their anxiety and health challenges.

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