Successful Life Coaching Skills Used By Expert Life Coaches

It is so important to have the right life coaching skills if you want to be an effective Life Coach. Especially today when the general quality of life coach training seems to have seriously declined. When s many coaching training schools are so focused on making money than providing training.

As someone who has been coaching for nearly 20 years it saddens me to see how much the life coaching industry has changed. To be a highly successful life coach you need to have the right life coaching skills, the know-how, the awareness. And knowledge and expertise in the area you are coaching on. 

Today everyone, their aunt and their grannie seems to be putting them self out as life coach.  Sadly a lot after training that doesn’t even cover the most basics fundamental life coaching tools. No wonder 99% of life coaches don’t succeed in business.

What Are Successful Life Coaching Skills

All clients who invest in life coaching deserve to be coached by someone who actually has the skills and expertise. Like everything in life we need to actually learn, nurture and develop those skills.

Successful life coaching skills involve a variety of skills,  degree of awareness and of course the most basic fundamental life coaching skills.

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The Most Important Basic Life Coaching Skills

Ability To Listen – Not just to listen to what is being said but to be able to read between the lies and know what is not being said.

Effective Communication Skills – Good and effective communication skills are vital in any form of coaching

Inspirational – To inspire someone else you need to be an inspiring person that has and naturally inspires others

Excellent Motivator – Many clients come to coaching to be motivated and to be held accountable, so it s important you have a high level of motivation to help raise that clients level of motivation.

Self-Awareness – Before you can coach someone else successfully you need a certain level of self-awareness, so you know your own strengths and weakness.

Be Authentic – Now more than ever clients want authentic coaches, they want to know you are real, honest, genuinely invested in your clients needs.

Have Effective Coaching Skills – To be a coach you need to know how to use your coaching skills effectively, have highly effective coaching question and effective coaching tools in your tool box

Leadership Qualities – You also must have a certain level of leadership qualities to help lead your clients towards success

Niche Expertise – You need a certain level of expertise or knowledge in your area of life coaching. Your clients want you to have more insight, knowledge and awareness of them in the area they are being coached.

To be a skilled Life Coach is just like any other form of training or apprenticeship you need to get proper practice. If you didn’t do training that requires at least a few case studies get some practice before you put yourself out there.

Believe me there is nothing worse than investing in a life coach who doesn’t know what they are doing . Or implies they are more skilled or experienced than they actually are. To be honest I stopped investing in coaches for a while because of so many poor coaching experiences. In-fact over the last decade I found only about 10% of coaches that I had invested in had actually been worth investing in.  You need to recognise what your are great at and what areas you need more training in.

Calm Life Coaching Skills

I believe every life coach should be able to coach their clients from a state of calm and confidence. If you cannot manage our own anxiety or stress you will seriously struggle to help your coaching clients with theirs. In-fact you may actually pass your anxiety or stress on to your clients. So learn some highly effective Stress Management Skills.

My main area of life coaching became Stress Coaching  because my area of expertise was stress management and meditation. something I had started to study 30 years ago and went on to study at university level. So Stress Management Coaching and Accredited Relaxation Therapy Training for Therapists and Coaches became my areas of expertise. 

As a highly sensitive empath and healer since the early 90’s I soon moved into more spiritual life coaching. I fond Spiritual Coaching more aligned with my and my Soul Client’s core values.  Many of my clients have always been highly empathic, highly spiritual individuals or spiritual entrepreneurs.

Traditional Life Coaching Versus More Modern Life Coaching

One of the big problems with many traditional life coaching is that many approaches feed the ego instead of breaking through the ego. Many traditional life coaching approaches encourage clients to set goals that are coming from places of lack or fear. Goals that even the client doesn’t realise is very superficial.

From this style of coaching, clients are always seeking, more, more, more… without any present moment satisfaction.  May put so much tremendous pressure on them-self and those around them that they end up even more unhappy or imbalanced in their life. Effective life coaching skills and approaches must have long-term sustainability for the client and coach. And they shouldn’t take too long to get results.

As a stress expert I had to help clients pick up the pieces from lives broken by the wrong goals. So many people in what appeared to be great paying jobs, or running their own business. But which in-fact caused them great unhappiness and stress. That seriously impacted their health, destroyed their relationships and even friendships. Most of them set goals for all the wrong reasons or someone else’s desires. All very disconnected from their spiritual self, they didn’t really know what they wanted. That is why I prefer more Spiritual life coaching.

Successful Coaches Need The Right Coaching Tools 

To be a successful life coach you need the right coaching tools.   Effective Coaching skills that support a client to dig deep and achieve long-terms results. You need the right style life coaching skills for the type of clients you are working with. Obviously coaching children is a different to coaching an adult. Business Coaching takes a totally different style of coaching skills than being a health and wellbeing coach. Just because you regard yourself as spiritual and are trained as a life coach obviously doesn’t mean you are automatically providing Spiritual Life Coaching. 

So What Are The Main Differences With More Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Coaching helps clients identify and connect with their spiritual self. A Spiritual Coach will help you explore deeper aspects of you and the-self. They will help support you navigate your own spiritual and life path. Help you recognise and accept your light and shadow traits.

Most spiritual coaches use other spiritual tools. Such as energy or healing tools to hold you in a safe, supportive spiritual space. Coach you from a spiritual and soul level, explore any guidance, dreams or goals from a place of deep peace, rather than from a place of lack.

A highly effective Spiritual Coach will help clients  maximise manifestation from the spiritual laws of attraction. There is no point allowing a client to set a goal from an energetic state of lack, you will only attract that back.

If you are a qualified Life Coach who is looking for a Life Coach Job and would like to up-level your Stress Management Skills check out my Online Stress Management Course For Therapist and Coaches and my Accredited Relaxation Therapist Training.

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