Some Of The Most Successful Life Coaching Skills Used By Spiritual Life Coaches

successful life coaching skillsWith such a massive increase in life coaching training schools popping up everywhere and anywhere. We are seeing far more unskilled life coaches trying to pass themselves off as experts who are not using successful life coaching skills.

Most of these life coaches are charging crazy money for in-effective or very outdated life coaching skills that they learned over a few weekends or days.

So many don’t even recognise when they are allowing clients to set goals and dreams from a state of stress or lack. The main reason that I believe the more old out-dated life coaching strategies has a very limited shelf-life for a client. And which only really benefits the life coach not the client in the long-term.

What Are Successful Life Coaching Skills

All clients deserve to be coached professionally with successful life coaching skills. Encouraging clients to set goals that are merely superficial and not really getting to the root of their deepest desire. Is the main reason why most clients are always seeking, more, more, more… never satisfied or happy for long and constantly putting so much tremendous pressure on them-self and those around them.

For over 17 years as a stress expert I helped clients pick up the pieces of lives that were based on the wrong goals. So many in what appeared to be great paying jobs, or running their own business. But most of them carried so much unhappiness and stress that seriously affected their health, destroyed their relationships and even friendships. They big thing most of them had in common was most of them set many of their goals for all the wrong reasons and desires.

But thankfully most spiritual style coaching tackles coaching from a completely different approach. Spiritual life coaching helps clients explore deeper aspects of them-self and helps them identify why they are choosing specific goals or dreams.

When you have the right coaching and therapy tools to help a client dig deep, you can help clients recognise for themselves if their goals are coming from just a place of lack or fear or survival or something else…

Many life coaches are now recognising more spiritual life coaching and menoring styles is the way forward. Quality and genuine expertise is certainly over riding quantity. Sadly millions of life coaching schools lead their students to believe that life coaching is the easiest way to make that dream living.

When sadly 99% of life coaches don’t even survive 6 months never mind make that dream come true. Most life coaches end up more bankrupt than abundant and more stressed-out, struggling or desperate, than they were prior to coaching. Because most of them are coming from a state of chronic stress and anxiety. Chronically competing, constantly pushing them-self not just out of their limitation but outside their natural balance and boundaries. Most giving off a very crazy and chaotic energy because they are anything but balanced, anything but calm, anything but confident, anything but authentic.

So What Are The Main Differences With More Spiritual Life Coaching

Successful spiritual coaches use tools, energy or healing to hold the client in a safe, supportive space, encouraging the client into a deep calm and peaceful space.

The coach will help the client check in on a more spiritual and soul level to explore any guidance, dreams or goals they would like to attract all from that place of calm and peace, rather than from a place of fear, struggle, lack of…

They then help the client create and put out their dream or goal from a magically calm place to maximise manifestation from the laws of attraction. There is no point allowing a client to set a goal from an energetic state of lack, you will only attract that back.

The spiritual life coach usually uses a combination of tools to ensure that clients, explore, decide, create or set any goals from a deep place of calm and peace. From that space where they can really be guided by their heart, by their intuition, not just ruled by the distorted monkey mind.

So are you holding that safe space for your client, do you recognise when a client is setting goals from lack or fear?

Are you coming from a place of calm or chaos, peace or pain?

If you are serious about helping clients make great life changing transformation, you have to be holding that space firstly for yourself and then for your client. Lucky for me I have studied meditation and healing for over 25 years and stress management for over 20 years. So it was far easier for me to bring calm and spirituality into my coaching. The reason I became known very quickly as the stress coach and set up training for coaches and therapists.

Through the years I have came across so many life coaches struggling with their own stress with very little stress management tools they could pass on to clients. Some have went onto my Relaxation Therapist Training. But I wanted to design something useful for the Coaching space so I decided to create the Calm Coach Kit, a series of modules for life coaches, module 1 being Stress Management.

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