Mindfulness based Stress Reduction Programs are the latest fad in meditation and stress management, so much so that many organisations think mindfulness is the only and main principle form of meditation.

meditation more than mindfulnessMindfulness based stress reduction programs based on the work of Jon Kabat Zinn are adapted teachings based around one aspect of meditation in buddhism, the art of mindfulness. And like many things the original teachings become a little distorted.

But in so many way meditation is so much more and so much less, any effective meditation technique will open the door into awareness, help you to be in the moment, right in the here and now. Into a state of observation where you can witness, access and experience more peace, more stillness. But there is so many ways you can do this, we are so lucky to have access to so many meditation tools and other techniques that help us access that stillness, inner peace and direct connection with the self. That so few people today get to experience on a day to day basis.

Mindfulness is a great way to teach people the act of focus on one thing at a time, to live our life moment to moment but a lot of modern day mindfulness teachers are focusing too much on the mindful act rather than an almost mindless awareness. It is the hold over our mind, our beliefs, our thoughts, our worries, our anxieties that hold us in a state of anxiety, fear and stress. Most traditional meditation acts of meditation help us let go of our distorted thoughts and help us access instantly the stillness, the peace that is present in everything and in the nothingness.

I began studying meditation 25 years ago whilst chronically ill in my teens, since then I have studied various styles of meditation and other techniques including Quantum Entrainment which helps you access an instant stillness and peace, that is normally only achieved with dedicated, disciplined practices of meditation. One of my most popular techniques I have ever taught with young and old was my 5 Minute Meditation, a Qi Qong style of meditation that I adapted originally to teach to teenagers. Most people who try this technique are very surprised the benefits the feel so quickly, as it takes just over 4 months.  Very quickly I began to teach it to executives, carers and so many people who said they couldn’t meditate. And for the last 4 years I have been teaching these and may other stress management techniques to professional coaches, healers and therapists. As a healer, therapist, coach and teacher I recognised very early on in my own journey how important we give the client or student back their own power and connection with the self.

Meditation can be so much more and yet be so much less than most people’s understanding of mindfulness.



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