What Is Stress?

What most of us term as Stress is our body’s physiological reaction to a level of perceived pressure or
threat we feel less able to cope with.
Most everyday stress is triggered by our beliefs, thoughts, worries and fears
around the future or events in the past.
In many ways Stress is a term used rather loosely used by modern society and
often applied to many modern day concepts overwork, worry, confusion, fear,
conflict, mourning….
Today we tend to look at STRESS as only negative but there is two
dimensions to STRESS – Eustress and Distress


is the positive stress that helps to motivate us to achieve, complete a goal or task and to keep working.


product of negative events and is the negative aspects of stress, situations
we fear, resist or believe we can no longer cope with.
We all have a varied tolerance to Stress that often depends on the presenting moment and circumstances,
as well as genetics, life experience, skills, health, present circumstances…

The “Stress Response”

The “fight or flight response” is our body’s innate survival response that prepares
the body to “fight” or “flee” from perceived attack, harm or threat toour survival.
In prehistoric times man required the ability to flee or fight animals and enemy.

Stress Management Programs

I provide a wide range of stress management and meditation programs, downloads on my various sites. Suited to all ages and people. My Fast Stress Busting Toolkit for ClientsCalm Coach Stress Management Tool Kit my meditation programs for all ages which include my 28 Days Of Meditation, Mindfulness And Affirmations

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