Calm Coaching


Become A Calm, Confident, Powerful Coach


Welcome to the Calm Coaching Kit Programs,

a series of stress management coaching modules for coaches.

A new set of modular programs designed by Stress Expert of 16 years; Eileen Burns

Calm Coaching Kit – Module 1- Stress Management Tools


Learn powerful meditation and relaxation techniques

designed to help you become a calm, confident coach.

Master these skills then teach them to your clients.

Introductory Offer £77

rrp £147


Calm Coach Kit – Module 1 Stress Management includes

Section 1: What Is Stress?

Section 2: What Is Relaxation?

Section 3: What Is Meditation ?

Section 4: Calm Coach Tools

includes 4 techniques that you can use to help manage your and your clients anxiety and stress

Includes top stress expert advice on

How to coach more calmly, confidently and powerfully.

How to hold a powerful transformative space.

How to ground quickly and effectively in highly challenging situations.

How to help challenging clients recognise their anxious or stressed

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