3 Powerful Life Skills that I believe every child and adult should be taught today. Life skills that not only help you get through life with more ease but really help you thrive. Life skills that will help you feel calmer, more confident, and more spiritually connected to the world around you.

What Are Life Skills?

Life skillsย are the abilities we learn or develop to deal with the challenges and demands of life. We either learn them directly from others or we naturally acquire them as a form of survival. As a meditation teacher and stress management expert I teach life skills that help others reduce their anxiety and stress. But most life skills are such an innate part of our growth and personal development we don’t even recognise them as life skills.

The Life Skills We Form As A Child

We all grow and adapt to life in different ways. As children, we learn and form certain types of coping and behavioural patterns from and because of those around us. In many ways, they can be viewed as life skills that help us cope or survive at that time. But the reality is many of those patterns we learn or develop end up being very unhelpful in the long-term. Many of these patterns and behaviours keep us small, lead to inner conflict and chronic anxiety and all sorts of relationship issues. In fact many of the skills we use as children to survive and cope lead to some sort of challenge in adulthood.

Our childhood and how we saw the world and those around us, shaped many of the behavioural patterns we bring into adulthood. That is why there is some life skills some of us lack. One big life skill that I have struggled throught my life to nurture has been setting and maintaining healthy boundaries. As a highly sensitive empath, I have struggled to maintain energetic boundaries with other people’s mental, emotional, and physical pain. The eldest of nine I was a constant people pleaser who’s main identity was around serving, helping others with no regard or awareness of my own needs. This made me more vulnerable to all sorts of inner conflict and dis-ease as a teenager and an adult. In-fact the main archetypal personality trait that runs in my lifework is the Caregiver/ Nurturer in many ways it is part of me. But like all archetypal traits it has both the positive and shadow aspect, it can cause al sorts of challenges in my business and life. Because at the unconscious and conscious many people feed off the energy of the caregiver, the nurturer who has no boundaries, who leaves the door wide open.

The Unhealthy Life Skills We Develop As Child And Adult

We may learn to obey, respect, or honour our elders but fail to respect and honour ourselves, fail to listen to what we need. We may learn how to stand tall and be courageous in the face of fear, but in the long run end up suppressing, denying our emotions, denying the hurt and pain. Both can end up causing us detachment and dis-ease. Every trait we develop and nurture from childhood and as an adult has a positive and/ or shadow aspect in our survival. Every trait or behaviour pattern has a shelf life in certain situations. Our warrior or rebel traits have no place at times when compassion and love are required. Our explorer trait has no place when full presence, patience and staying power is required.

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Healthy Life Skills That Sustain Us Through Every Situation

That is why we all need more healthy life skills, those type of life-long skills that tend to work in all or most situations. Those that are with us and sustain us in the most saddest, painful and difficult times.

3 Powerful Life Skills That Every Child And Adult Should Learn

The Life Skill Of Meditation

The ability to meditate in many ways is so under rated and I think the main reason why is that many people have myths around what meditation actually is. When we learn how to meditate, we develop and nurture the skills of awareness, observation, witness and detachment to how things should be, need to be.

Meditation helps give us space, freedom of mind, freedom of suffering, it helps loosen that attachment to the monkey mind and helps us to recognise no 3 that we are enough. And helps to cultivate no 2 the gift of gratitude and deep appreciation for life and it’s cycles.

The Gift Of Gratitude

The life skill and gift of gratitude, oh how much our vibration our life changes when we can cultivate gratitude and appreciation for life, even for life’s challenges. Without any appreciation or gratitude in our day, we walk through life with blinkers on to the amazing miracles, wonders, and beauty of the world, people, and experiences within and around us. We fail to appreciate that life’s seasons and cycles, positive and light are what make life more interesting and more valuable.

Knowing You Are More Than Enough

Knowing at your core that you are enough, that you are more than enough is probably the most beautiful life skills we can have. As it helps us make much more beautiful and powerful decisions every day. But why is it something that at our core we struggle with? Why is it something that our conscious and unconscious finds difficult to develop. Why are there so many lost souls, so many people commit suicide because at a core level they don’t think they are enough. They don’t have a good soul connection or strong soul power.

Sadly as humans we are taught from a young age that we are fundamentally flawed. Our society, culture, media reinforces that. If we all knew at our core we were enough, we could all pursue our life, our passion, and purpose without the need for validation. Knowing we are fundamentally enough doesn’t stop us from recognising our vulnerabilites or strengths. It doesn’t stop us from knowing that if we want to be that expert coach, that expert therapist we may need to learn those skills, practice, and develop those skills. It helps us know that at our core being as a person we are enough, that we are all gifts from god, all uniquely special, no one more special than another. Now conceptualising you are enough and actually knowing at an unconscious level you are enough well they are two different things. But I think for a more positive and healthy future generation we should at least try to change the current dialogue. We have to say more and more to our children that they are enough. The type of enough that helps them realise at their core as a human being or soul that they are more than enough.

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