Does Your Heart Crave For A More Simple Stress-FREE Life? A less busy, fast, and overwhelming day to day life? Maybe your considering downsizing your life or your commitments?

So many people are leaving the rat race of high pressurised jobs for a more simplistic stress-free life. As more of us realise fast living or that once dream job isn’t what we thought it would be. That money certainly doesn’t buy happiness or health.

Unhappiness, Stress, and Anxiety are now major motivations for downsizing, as more and more of us leave behind the demands and pressures of that “old life” of crazy mortgages and car payments and all the materialistic extras used to maintain that high life image…

But Downshifting doesn’t need to be about giving up it all. You don’t have to get up sticks and move to a smallholding out on a Scottish island unless you really want to or suddenly throw in a career you’ve taken 20 years to grow. A more simple living, stress-free life can be incorporated into your present life in many ways.

Top Tips to Live A Stress-Free Life

6 Top Tips To Live A More Simple Stress-Less Life

Ways you can to start reducing unnecessary stress is to
  1. Eliminate Unnecessary Demands – learn to become more assertive and say NO
  2. Re-Establish Priorities – Ask yourself what and who is really important in your life. Look at creative ways to change or adapt your present situation or challenges. It doesn’t have to be about giving up everything. You can make a lot of healthier changes by simply re-prioritising different areas of your life.
  3. Eliminate Luxuries– how many things do you buy, do you include in your life that is just an impulsive buy, things you think you should have but don’t really need, that don’t really improve your life or well-being.
  4. Focus On Your Health & Happiness – Ask yourself what is good for your health and wellbeing, what is really important to you, think passion and purpose that feeds your soul.
  5. Learn Anxiety and Stress Management Skills- learn the right stress-busting strategies; such as meditation and relaxation techniques that help you live a more calmer, anxiety a stress-free life.
  6. Live More In The Moment – there is no truer joy, appreciation, or gratitude when we can re-learn how to live more in the moment, learn how to be, re-learn how to relax, switch off and flow with life. Learning how to meditate is one of the most effective ways to not just be more in the moment but to feel calmer, feel more peace. It also the easiest way to access deeper aspects of you and the self. Check out my Free Meditation Course

For those of you interested in a more simple or frugal style of living my friend Susan offers advice and tips on a more frugal way of life, check out her website . Learning effective Stress Management strategies can seriously help you let go, reduce, and manage your stress and life more effectively. To support you with this I have a variety of courses, check out our latest free courses.

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