5 Calm Techniques to help you relax, de-stress in 5 minutes or less. Simple and easy calming techniques you can do right now, by yourself at work, at home, some you can even do on public transport.

Most people today don’t even realise how stressed or anxious they actually are until it becomes a serious problem, that affects their health or starts to seriously impact their quality of life or relationships. But the reality is there are many simple and effective calming and relaxing techniques that can help you feel more calm and relaxed.

In our Accredited Relaxation Therapy Training I teach a wide range of stress management and relaxation techniques to coaches and therapists that they can teach to their clients and students. Although we recommend certain techniques and tools are used in a specific order, we know how important it is to have simple anxiety and stress-busting tools that are quick and effective and can be used anytime, anywhere.

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5 Calm Techniques To Help You Relax In 5 Minutes Or Less

These 5 Calm Techniques can be used at home, work, a few can even be used discretely on public transport, your doctor or dentist’s waiting area.

5 Calm Techniques To Help You Relax Now, fast easy calming techniques that take 5 minutes or less by Stress Management Training School For Therapists, Stress Coach Training

5 Minute Qi Gong Meditation:

This 5 Minute Qi Gong Meditation is a very simple and easy meditation that uses different finger movements that encourages a very quick deep feeling of calm and peace. It combines meditation with acupressure to restore qi in the bodies main organs and meridian lines. This one of my most popular stress and anxiety-busting calm techniques for over 20 years with clients of all ages and abilities. Learn More

5 Minute Body Scan:

A simple 5 minute body scan can help you become more mind and body aware, help you correct your posture and help you let go of any areas you are holding tension in your body. Just being a witness to where you are holding stress, can help the body, relax and breathe better. Muscle tension especially around the shoulder and chest area increases anxiety levels as it prevents us breathing deeply and fully. When we let go of old tension and energy we feel not just more calm but more free.

Diaphragm Breath:

A large deep diaphragm breath where you drop your shoulders and breathe deep into the belly can help you breath more healthily, help you let go of tension you are holding in your upper shoulders, upper back and shoulders that increases your anxiety and stress levels. To do this it is important that you drop your shoulders and become aware of your diaphragm and belly muscles. As you breath in your belly should go out, and as you breath out, your belly should go in.

Guided Imagery – Creative Imagery:

Guided Imagery can be a powerful tool at helping someone move from the stress response to the relaxation response. Also known as Creative Imagery, Imagery uses the different senses to help you create an image or memory, different sensations to evoke a certain experience. Simply imaging a scene, an experience where you feel calm, relaxed, free and can help reduce your stress levels. It is even better when combined with NLP and Colour Therapy.

Muscle Relaxation Exercise

There are a variety of muscle relaxation exercises that we teach in our Relaxation Therapy Training. Muscle relaxation techniques are highly effective at reduce muscle tension and stress in the mind and body. They also help the body let go of old trauma, old stagnant energy in the body. Try this simply stretch out your arms, straight out in front of you tensing the muscles as tight and long as you can do and then let go. Then do the same at the back stretching your arms straight out as much as you can behind you, tensing the muscles as tight and as long as you can and relax.

If you would like to feel more calm and relaxed, learn a few calm techniques that can help lower your anxiety levels, reduce the stress response and encourage more of the relaxation response in your life check out my Free Calm Course – 5 Days Of Calm Program.

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