Learn How To Stop Stressing And Start Relaxing

How do you start relaxing when you are chronically stressed or chronically anxious? When your mind and body thas forgotten how to relax? Your mind and body is so stimulated that has forgotten how to switch-off. At times like this it can be very difficult to relax that is why relaxation therapy is so effective

Your mind, body and emotions are designed to work together in balance and harmony. And although the stress response is there to protect you physiologically and psychologically from life threatening and dangerous situations. By preparing the mind and body to fight or flight, it is not designed to be in the chronic state of stress over long periods of time.

Why Relaxation Therapy Helps You Start Relaxing

When the mind and body finds itself constantly over stimulated by FEAR of the survival response. The body gets so out of balance it can easily forget how to relax, really relax. That is why relaxation therapy and relaxation tools are such a powerful tool in anxiety and stress management.  As it not only teaches the body how to relax but it encouarges the body into its natural innate healing and repair state.

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Do You Know How To Really Relax?

I don’t mean distracting yourself with the T.V. Computer, Radio or with your thoughts. I mean total relaxation, a deep stage of relaxation where you experience a mixture of calm, peace and bliss

So many people have you forgotten how to really relax?  Can you not remember those moments as a child. Those time when you were so content, so relaxed you would drift off into a dreamy state without a care in the world.

If you were a child who suffered a lot of trauma, this might be something you rarely remember. But today it is not just stressed-out adults who struggle to relax. Sadly more and more children are struggling to do the same. The younger generations are suffering from chronic stress in the form of over-stimulation, mentally, physically and emotionally.

As someone who spent a large chunk of the last 18 years teaching meditation and stress management to all ages. One of the most alarming things I saw was more and more children in the constantly hyper-alert state of the stress response. And so many adults with no mind and body awareness, who have suffered from chronic stress and anxiety for so long. Who failed to recognise or notice the signs until it had begun to seriously impact their health and well-being.

Relaxation is the sweet spot of life, even if we don’t know it. It is where we find the bliss, that place where we want for nothing, especially if you can access the stillness through techniques like meditation. And no I am not talking about guided meditation and in many ways, not mindfulness. But where you are simply aware of that stillness, peace that is always there. That may not be always visible but is underneath it all, it is even hiding in the chaos, frustration, despair and madness.



Here Are 5 Ways To Stop Stressing And Start Relaxing

  1. Make sure you STOP and Take Breaks throughout the day not just lnch breaks, but rest periods, tea breaks. Don’t be tempted to constantly work late. Rest periods throughout your day help the body back into balance. It helps the body recognise that relaxation is the bodies natural state of being. The body is not designed to be busy or active all the time. If you don’t take time out when you go to rest or go to bed later. Your body begins to struggle and gets too used to the habit of being chronically stressed it forgets to switch off.
  2. STOP and REDUCE stimulants as much as you can. Reduce sugar, caffeine, nicotine, drugs and alcohol these can play havoc with the bodies reaction to stress. Eliminate artifical sweeteners and stimulants that play havoc with the nervous system.
  3. STAY hydrated, make sure you drink plenty of fresh water. When we are dehydrated it puts serious stress on the bodies organ’s and systems and can increase heart rate and blood pressure.
  4. Learn to meditate, with the right type of meditation skills you can access stillness all around you. You experience more calm and more peace in everyday life. Access this FREE Traditional Breath Meditation course
  5. Learn effective relaxation technique’s that will help you get a deep quality restful sleep. Stress can seriously impact the deepest stages of sleep leaving us feeling un-refreshed, emotional, exhausted and irritable. If you are a coach or therapist take our Relaxation Therapy Training. We teach you a wide range of breathing, meditation, relaxation and stress management techniques for your clients.

Certificate Relaxation Teacher & Relaxation Therapist