What is Relaxation Therapy ?

Relaxation Therapy is the safe and therapeutic use of highly effective self help, mind and body management techniques.

They are life skills or therapeutic approaches that induce the body and mind into deep stages of relaxation known as the “relaxation response”.

Relaxation therapy usually includes various stress management skills e.g. Autogenic Training, Breathing Techniques,  Creative Visualisation, Guided Meditation, Meditation, Mindfulness, Progressive Muscle Relaxation…

what is relaxation therapyRelaxation Techniques work by relaxing the mind and body, techniques such as autogenic training and PMR begin my relaxing the muscles & nervous system in turn relaxing the mind. Assisting the mind from our normal alert conscious state of Beta to Alpha a relaxed, calm state where both healing and learning cultivates best.

Some relaxation techniques such as guided visualisation sometimes termed as guided meditation during deep healing can be cultivated in Theta level a deep state of relaxation associated with dreaming and in states of hypnosis.

Relaxation Techniques induce deep stages of relaxation, reducing states of hyper arousal when suffering from stress. Relaxation Therapy encourages a general state of relaxation and well being. Which encourages homeostasis and equilibrium of the body.

Relaxation Techniques such as Autogenic Training and PMR are extremely popular relaxation tools as help support and empower clients to eliminate symptoms of anxiety and stress, extremely helpful at reducing muscle tension, general aches and pains and an excellent sleep aid for insomnia. Like Meditation they help reduce blood pressure, regulate the bodies nervous, immune system, endocrine system..the whole body is brought to balance. Breathing Techniques help eliminate hyperventilation and panic disorders.

As a Stress Management Therapist, Meditation Teacher and Holistic Therapist, relaxation therapy techniques have been the most valuable and powerful stress management skills in my therapy tool box. For the last 16 years a large part of my work has been teaching stress management skills to local health and education organisations, service users find the combination of meditation and relaxation techniques far more effective as meditation or mindfulness is not suitable for every client.

One of the reasons we at Stress Coach Training now run Online Relaxation Therapist Training Programmes for Therapists, Counsellors and Support Workers.These skills are invaluable for those dealing with stressed out service users, carers & parents, mental or physical health issues…and our Calm Coach Kit– Stress Management Skills for Coaches

Would you Love to Experience more Calm less Chaos in Your Life or Your Organisation?

 certificated relaxation training course

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Hi I am Eileen Burns, stress-coach. I have been studying holistic welbeing, stress management, healing and meditation for over 20 years.I teach powerful meditation and life skills to help clients manage their stress, their life, their anxiety and health challenges.


  1. Informative article about relaxation therapy. Most of the time people don’t know about relaxation therapy but they take this therapy. They should know about it. I think your article is the best for knowing about relaxation therapy. Thanks for sharing.
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