What are the Biggest Causes of Burnout?

More and more people are suffering from serious burnout or adrenal fatigue disorders but what are the main causes of burnout, that extreme physical exhaustion and fatigue?

And how can you prevent the main causes of burnout?

biggest causes of burnout exhuastion fatigue


1. Lack of SLEEP – Deep Quality Sleep is vital to repair the body, when we don’t get enough quality sleep, our mind, emotions and mental state suffers. Our body needs rest and relaxation especially during burnout periods.

2. POOR Nutrition – Poor Diet lacking in Nutrients, over packed with Stimulants, causes spikes and falls in blood sugar, causes lower immunity and dis-harmony within the body’s natural chemistry.

3. OVER stimulation – Over Stimulation comes in many forms; Toxins we consume such as Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol….External devices such as TV, Computers, mobile phones, computer games, lighting, sound…Over exposure particularly at bedtime, keeps the body into hyper-arousal state making it difficult for the mind, body and emotions to SWITCH OFF.

4. Lack of Assertiveness – Can’t SAY NO?  Lack of Boundaries? Leads to overcommitment, taking on too many jobs and responsibilities increases pressure and no ME time.

5. Lack of Delegation and Un-Clear PrioritiesOverwork, overburdened, whether its a family or work situation, delegation & prioritisation are important stress management strategies, lack of clear priorities leads to confusion, poor time management and overactivity.

6. Lack of Self Care-You put everyone else’s needs and wants before yourself? maybe be all things to all people. Do you make sure everyone has their needs and wants met? But forget about yourself ? Basic Self Care Skills are needed for SURVIVAL and RESILIENCE. When we stop caring for ourselves, we are depleting our self of Basic Human Needs that help us to grow, function and INCREASE our SURVIVAL RESILIENCE.

7. Lack of Self Love Do you really love yourself enough to address your worth, your needs, your value? If we don’t love our self enough we don’t set clear enough boundaries, we expect less and do more for others. Self Love is the most important KEY to keeping us truly happy & healthy.

8. Healthy Thinking– Most Stress, Anxiety & Burn Out is caused by distorted thoughts about the past or the future. When we are in the meoment, the present, we are only focusing on the present action and or activity, not the what if’s, should be’s…or the major disasters our mind imagines & fears.


Healing Burnout: “Four R” Approach


  • Rest– REST & RELAX the body needs physical, emotional and mental REST

  • Recognize –Watch for the warning signs and causes of burnout; exhaustion, emotional lability, easily anxious or stressed

  • Reverse–Undo and heal the damage by managing stress, learning to relax, obtain professional advice and support.

  • Resilience –Build your physical, mental and emotional RESILIENCE to stress, by taking care of your physical, mental and emotional health and REDUCING the demands in your life and on your body. Eliminating the causes of burnout.

How To Recover from Burn-Out


Eileen has suffered her own personal experience and the health challenges that left her physically and mentally burnout, in her early twenties. She became predominately housebound for seven years with Severe M.E. type illness after trying to fight through after a post viral fatigue type illness for 3 years which immediately appeared after being mercury poisoned.  She has supported many people to recover from stress-related conditions and unhealthy life, balance issues,

Eileen Burns began studying Meditation, Stress Management and Healing over 20 years ago. She taught stress management, therapies and self-development to local education and health sector in Lanarkshire, Scotland for 16 years. For more info on Qualifications & Experience

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