CBT and Meditation For Unhealthy Thinking

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is also known as CBT and meditation is very useful in reducing negative thinking patterns that can cause and increase the anxiety, stress and depression cycle.

Unhealthy or distorted thinking is a major cause of anxiety, stress and depression as well as addiction and eating disorders. Negative Thinking is displayed in Catastrophizing, Negative Self-Labeling, All or Nothing Thinking and Disqualifying the Positives. It is the major component of most mental and emotional health challenges. As a therapist and healer who has been specializing in anxiety and stress disorders for many years, I find teaching CBT and MEDITATION very useful self-help tools for clients.



What Is CBT?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that is extremely popular for treating depression and other Mental Health Challenges that are caused and reinforced by unhealthy thinking patterns. It provides the client with the tools to become aware of and challenge or change their runaway thoughts, and their distorted thought patterns helping them become aware of how much their negative thinking is affecting their emotions, and their behaviour. It provides the client with an effective self-help skill that has been widely researched and demonstrated as being a very effective tool for reducing further relapses of depression, chronic anxiety or chronic stress.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is often combined with Mindfulness a style of meditation. I have studied and taught various styles of meditation and find that any meditation technique or state of being that supports one to be in the moment, be aware, is a useful aid at slowing down, spacing out the monkey mind, that runaway train of thoughts that leads us to all sorts of conclusions, perceptions, beliefs, feelings and reactions.

Meditation is a tool or technique that helps increase awareness of the presence. When meditation is taught correctly it allows us to access peace, calm or stillness at any moment. It helps free us up from the inner chatter or self-critical inner dialogue that engulfs our day-to-day living. Most meditation techniques use a point of focus/awareness that helps increase our awareness of the self whilst loosening the over-identification with our thoughts. In western society we identify and believe we are our thoughts, meditation gives us more respite, and peace from this illusion. If you would like to begin meditating, you can access my FREE Traditional Breath Meditation today.

Combined CBT and Meditation can be powerful tools to help clients reduce, anxiety, stress, depression, lack of confidence, dis-empowerment and so much more. If the right CBT and Meditation tools are applied at the right time, in the right way.


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