The Most Simple Ways To Meditate

The Most Simple Ways To Meditate

Now more than every we have access to so many simple ways to meditate. With the digital age we not only have access to so many different styles of meditation and school’s of thought but instant access to meditation courses.

But still many people automatically think about guided meditations or associate meditation just with Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teachings. Even though there are so many different types of meditation that help loose our crazy attachment to our monkey thoughts.

The reality is there is so many ways to meditate. I have been meditating for over 25 years and have studied quite a few. Witnessing a huge shift in awareness around meditation especially the different traditions and styles over the last 10 years.

It is mostly extremely positive and refreshing but for the beginner it can be confusing especially when there is so many distortions around the word meditation, mindfulness, stillness by bloggers writing about a subject they don’t really fully understand.

With so many different styles of meditation classes and teacher’s to choose from it can be difficult to decide what suit’s you best. The reality is some types of meditation take more practice than others to master, while some types of meditation especially modern meditations can be more quick and easy to fit in and and learn.

One of the things I started to quickly learn when I started teaching meditation 17 years ago was that student’s liked the idea of meditating every day and throughtout the day. But many found it challenging to have the discipline, after being asked to teach meditation to some challenging teenagers. I went seeking a style of meditation that maybe more approriate for those with a very low attention span and soon found a Qi Gong style of meditation that I adapted that became my most popular meditation technique by all ages.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction courses is an example of a latest fad in meditation and stress management approaches in the western world over the last 5 or more years. MBSR was created by Jon Kabat-Zinn who took some of the original Buddhist Mindfulness teachings and adapted them into a more modern stress reduction program.

As a meditation teacher, I have studied and taught various styles of meditation traditional and modern. And what I have been reminded over and over again is some of the most simple ways to meditate are the most powerful.

Here is a sample of some the most simplest meditation techniques I have used and trained in.

  1. Traditional Breath Meditation– is one of the oldest versions of meditation, which involves being an observer of your breath. It involves making sure you let go of any need to try and control or change your breath. Get FREE access to my Traditional Breath Meditation today. Although simple, very stressed out beginners can get very easily distracted and find no 2 more effective at the start.
  2. 5 Minute Meditation My most popular meditation technique by clients and students over 18 years. This very simple and easy meditation takes just over 4 minutes, I adapted it from a style of Qi Qong. I originally used this meditation tool working with easily distracted teenagers. But it soon became popular with busy professionals, to exhausted carers and even young kids.
  3. QE is a technique that induces deep stillness instantly. A very useful tool to aid the client or student who struggled with taking time out, switching off or relaxing. And for chronic pain sufferers.
  4. Mantra Meditation are often used in yoga, specific mantra’s like OM all have different meanings and different healing benefits. Modern styles of meditation use useful mantras that are also affirmations that can be stress reducing anchors such as relax, peace. I teach some of these mantra’s in my Meditation, Mindfulness and Affirmation Program
  5. Mindfulness – help’s you be more present, more in the moment, be more consciouslly aware of your thoughts, actions, behaviours.
  6. Transcendental Meditation- is a simple based mantra based technique practised 20 minutes twice a day while sitting comfortably founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
  7. Guided Meditation– technically in many ways not the same sort of meditation technique as above as guided visualisations are in many ways guided journeys. Guided visualisations are extremely therapeutic at moving the mind away from negative thoughts to more pleasant healing thoughts, relaxation or sleep. But technically they do not loosen or attachment to our thoughts.

The above meditation techniques are just a few of the most simple ways to meditate effectively.

But for many beginners, who are so used to being busy or distracted, the traditional 20 meditation can seem so long. That is why I always suggest to students they build up their practice to 20 minutes slowly. This is just one of the tools in my 28 Days of Meditation, Mindfulness & Affirmation Course which teaches a variety of meditation, mindfulness tools, mantras and affirmations.

Or start with something like my 5 Minute Meditation, ideal for work, public transport, waiting rooms…It is so simple kids can use it.

Do You Want A Fast Effective, Simple And Easy Meditation Technique that takes less than 5 Minutes?

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Hi I am Eileen Burns, stress-coach. I have been studying holistic welbeing, stress management, healing and meditation for over 20 years.I teach powerful meditation and life skills to help clients manage their stress, their life, their anxiety and health challenges.


  1. Hi Stresscoach,
    Thank you for this educative post on meditation. Meditation is a wonderful way to relieve stress and find inner peace if it is well done. You have stated that it should not be mindful, hard or traditional and I totally agree with you. Thanks for your perspective on it and keep adding value.

    1. thanks Charles I just believe it doesnt have to be too difficult and doesn’t have into the westernised idea of mindfulness based stress reduction

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