How To Eliminate The Biggest Causes of Fatigue, Tiredness, and Exhaustion, Why fatigue is becoming one of the most popular symptoms of modern-day life.

So what are the 4 BIGGEST causes of FATIGUE ?

As someone who was diagnosed with M.E. in my early twenties years. Who was largely bed and housebound a large part of my twenties, I certainly know what the difference between fatigue and crippling exhaustion. The type of extreme exhaustion that leaves you too weak to lift your head out of bed or even speak.

But as someone who has been helping others manage their anxiety and stress, I am very familar with how much fatigue, tiredness and even adrenal fatigue is becoming a sad part of a busy stressful life.

Here is a list of 4 Major Causes of FATIGUE and how to ELIMINATE it.

    • LACK OF DEEP QUALITY SLEEP – Do you always wake up feeling rested, refreshed and full of energy? Very few people today achieve deep quality sleep due to a variety of reasons. Mostly due to unhealthy daily habits that affect our sleep hygiene. Everything from too much technology at night, too little physical exercise, caffeine, sugar,  alcohol or nicotine in diet.
    • POOR NUTRITIONAL ABSORPTION – Lack of good quality nutrition is another major cause of fatigue, low levels of B12, Vitamin D, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc, CoQ10,  Vitamin E and Potassium can also lead to symptoms of fatigue and extreme exhaustion. But even if you don’t eat packaged or processed foods and eat plenty of fruit and veg, there may be other reasons you are getting the necessary nutrition from your foot. Leaky Gut and other Digestive Conditions, Immobility, and Lack of Exercise, Medication, Dehydration can all be contributors to poor digestion absorption. Solution is a highly quality mineral and vitamin supplement and juicing especially using organic, pesticide-free fruit and veg. Juicing is a healthy way for you to absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals you need fast and are ideal particularly in the morning for those suffering from exhaustive and fatigue-related conditions such as M.E., CFS, Fibromyalgia…
  • ANXIETY- Are you a constant worrier, worrying about yesterday, tomorrow, this or that. Are you constantly in an anxious hyper-aroused state? The anxious mind catastrophes ever sort of scenarios. It triggers the mind and body into a constantly overstimulated, un-rested, very restless state. There is a wide range of disciplines that can aid anxiety. One of the most effective is this 5 Minute Anxiety Busting Technique.  Going to a relaxation therapist to learn useful relaxation techniques are a useful way to reteach the mind, body, and emotions into a relaxed state. CBT can help the individual become more aware of their unhealthy distorted thought patterns.
  • STRESS- Like anxiety, STRESS causes the body to emerge into a state of hyper arousal, the fight or flight response also known as the survival response. The body is “hotwired” geared up for or reacting as if it is an emergency situation of survival. Chronic long-term stress is the biggest cause of FATIGUE, EXHAUSTION and actually all of the above. Stress Management Advice, Coaching, Meditation & Relaxation, Yoga are all useful techniques that help reduce and manage stress. But again meditation again is one of the most effective life skill and stress management tool anyone can learn that will help them let go of stress.

Eileen is a highly qualified healer, stress management therapist and coach who specialise’s in supporting those suffering with Stress, Anxiety, Sleep Problems and Chronic Health Challenges.

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