Why Chronic Stress Is Serious Business.

We know the STRESS Response is a necessary part of survival. But why has chronic stress become such a big problem?

Why is Chronic Stress so harmful to our health and well-being?

Chronic stress causes the mind, body, and emotions to be in a constant state of fear and hyperarousal. The mind and body are constantly waiting and watching out for danger. And the slightest perceived threat even just a difference of opinion with someone else, can trigger the same extreme stress fight or flight response as seen in someone in a life-threatening situation.

Because the body is constantly in this hyper-alert rate, different decrees of the stress response are being constantly triggered. So the body is in a constant state of imbalance and has forgotten how to “switch off”.

Chronic stress comes after lots of perceived long-term stress that was not addressed or managed effectively. And one of the biggest problems with chronic stress is the streams of cortisol it sends through your body. And the fact it tends to lower dopamine and serotonin.

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Symptoms Of Chronic Stress include:

Why Chronic Stress Is Serious. Learn how to Stop Stress Overtaking Your Life Work and Relationships

Memory Problems, Forgetfulness, Insomnia

Emotional Lability, Reduction In Coping Ability,

Anxiety, Fear, Changes In Mood, Depression, Lack Of Motivation

Increases Inflammation, Muscle Contraction, Muscle Tension and Pain

Lowers Immune System, Plays havoc with glycogen levels


So How Can You STOP Chronic Stress?

Well, the easiest way to STOP the chronic stress cycle is actually teaching the mind, body, and emotions how to “switch off”. Teaching the body, mind, and emotions to STOP and relax. I have studied stress management for the last 20 years. I have helped thousands of clients and students and the most powerful way is to teach someone suffering from chronic STRESS how to relax and then how to meditate.

Now when I talk about really relaxing, I am not talking about sitting in front of the television or socializing with friends, or exercising. I am talking about such deep relaxation that you are in a state of calm and peace, just being. Or so relaxed you can drift off.

Now as a Stress Management expert, I have studied many courses in stress management and holistic well-being that I bring out my toolkit. As a healer for 30 years, I am lucky to be trained in a variety of healing, psychological and therapeutic approaches which include counseling, coaching, healing, and psychotherapy… But the most important part of moving someone off the chronic stress cycle and chronic stress cycle is moving them off the hyperarousal state. Relaxation Therapy Techniques and Meditation are extremely effective at encouraging this and one of the main reasons I teach professional coaches, healers, and therapists Certificated Relaxation Therapist & Teacher Training.

Relaxation therapy techniques are a wide range of different breathing, meditation, relaxation, and stress management strategies tailored to the client’s specific stages or needs. Many people are not aware that all of these techniques should be applied at specific key times.

For example, there is a myth that if someone has chronic anxiety the first thing they should be taught is breathing techniques but in some cases, this can cause further problems. Some chronic anxiety sufferers then simply become obsessed with their breath as they are still in a state of hyperarousal. In cases of trauma or recent grief, many meditation techniques are not ideal, especially in group settings instead of one-to-one where one can assure the students do not sink into a deep depression.

But one thing anyone with chronic stress can do to reduce their chronic stress is to use a muscle relaxation technique like PMR or autogenic on at least a daily basis for a few months. This can be extremely powerful, it encourages deeper quality sleep, reduction in muscle pain and inflammation, better breathing, increased stress resilience, and a sense of calm and clarity. 

If you are seriously fed up living with chronic stress and anxiety and would like to learn the skills used by professionals my Stress Management 101 Course includes a variety of powerful tools. If you are a Therapist or Coach who would love to become a Relaxation Teacher & Relaxation Therapist find out more about our relaxation therapy training.

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